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    Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
    A fix for Pokemon Pics not showing up correctly on some emulators (and on real gameboys) is coming soon along with minor glitch fixes as well as fixes to some of the game design flaws.
    Do some these design flaws include TM learnset glitches? I wanted to teach my Feraligatr Hyper Beam but it can't learn it.

    A few minor moveset related problems relating to Giovanni's Persian and Mura's (if your starter was Charmander) Blastoise. Persian knows Fissure and Blastoise knows Blizzard. If I'm correct, Persian can't learn Fissure and Blizzard is no longer a TM in Brown.

    Also (minor request, ignore it if you wish) could you modify Red's team in the Elite Four? It is rather repetetive to face 3 Charizards in the Elite Four (2 if your starter wasn't Bulbasaur). If you do, could the Charizard replacement be a Typlosion? Like I said, ignore if you wish since this is your hack.