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What is this? A delayed Valentine's update? Sure it is!

I had the idea of continuing the love story of that silly Nidorino that had been left incomplete back in 2017. Real Life™ reared its ugly head during the past week but I was able to push some content - and there will be another update coming that will take far less than a whole year~

But in the meantime, enjoy more Nidoran! This time with some focus on how do the males try to impress the females, and some focus on what life is like for a heap of rumbustious kittens!

Tricks of the Love Fast, pt. 2.1

Baluarkos looked up into the sky, morosely taking note of the windy autumn morning, then returned his attention to the various Nidoran around him and the Nidorino opponent in front of him. The Nidorino charged and Baluarkos quickly moved away and started circling around.

It had been some weeks after Inka and Baluarkos' latest litter of Nidoran had been taken off to the colony's communal grounds, that the Nidorino found himself walking into a clearing; and from there, past the creek by the family den, past the hillside where he said goodbye to his kittens, past the turns of the water course as it crept into the mountainforest...




Into the same grounds where the colony's kittens were being taught by the Nidorino troop.

"...You heard me, hlessi? Go fool around somewhere else."

The same grassy grounds where except for his family he was not much welcome.

The Nidorino chasing after Baluarkos was one of the teachers, a younger but bulkier and better taught male of the mountain's local troop. The Nidorino flickered his ears a couple of times and stood his ground, legs spread and horn low, while the students of various ages were looking at the situation. Some other adult males and females were looking from the distance, not bothering to intervene.

"Uh, I just happened here by chance," admitted Baluarkos, turning his sight away, "I though I could visit-"

"We are occupied with the kittens here," came a stern voice from another Nidorino in the troop, "so as to take visitors."

Baluarkos dragged his feet on the ground softly, he knew that certainly. The adults had the responsibility to care for the children and teach them, they had to be kept safe even more now that news of the white wings had spread. He had been wandering, worried, and he could not see it as fair that he (that he particularly, as the glares from the other males seemed to suggest) would be forbidden from catching up with them.

As if knowing to take advantage of Baluarkos' wandering mind, the younger Nidorino launched himself at Baluarkos and the two Pokémon clashed for a moment, pushing and kicking, until a bite from the younger barely missed Baluarkos' ear and the older male was forced to step back.

"As things are, we could be less busy if it wasn't because of you, even," spoke the Nidorino as he walked closer.

"You say- what, that I shouldn't be here?"

The Nidorino stomped on the ground, and Baluarkos saw how most of the various Nidorino around glared at him, he thought he saw the troop leader 'rino sitting on a fallen tree trunk and amusing himself at the situation; he pressed his position, and bared a fang at the other Nidorino.

"Pffuh. You is the problem," spoke the Nidorino waving his head. "A weakling, ignorant freeloader that somehow charmed that Nidorina into nesting at the more exposed side of the mountain."

Baluarkos' body flared at the affront, and he felt the world going silent around him. His eyes glanced for a moment at the patch of grass where the kittens were all looking, concerned - all the kittens including his. He returned to his attention to the offender and huffed. How dared he!

He did not wait a moment more before charging at the younger Nidorino, who did the same.


The older younglings gathered in clusters of puffy and pointy furballs and sat on the grass, screeching and pawing and taking sides at the skirmish that was suddenly taking place. Not far from there, the younger and more tender kittens had cuddled together into piles of warmth around the adult females, scared and crying at the development.

Many closed their eyes and pressed against their surrogate mothers as the two Nidorino below at the grass patches opened their joust with a few runs and circled around to slash with their horns, in their eagerness missing their initial openings. The two males were quick to circle one around the other, horn down and ears laid back. It took not long before they were being cheered from all over. by the older younglings who were finding their own fun in the surprise visit from the outcast.


"Teacher kick him in the-!"

"Show'em some moves!"

The teacher male shook his head and trained his eyes on the outcast and invader, how dared he put him in this position. The two males were only slightly attentive to the ruckus around them, but they were aware they had to finish this soon.

"They never do this in the forestland!"

"That's my dad! Come on! Bite his ear off!"

Baluarkos stopped his circling around for a moment and ventured a step forward; the other male responded to that movement by leaning to one side and pointing his horn lower so as to cover his ground.

"Teacher is awesome! Show'em what a Nidorino is like!"

"By Frith you're ignorant... that scruffy Nidorino is going to teach*him* how to fight wild."

"That's MY dad and he's very healthy!"

"Peck! Peck! Peck!"

The two Nidorino growled and leered at each other a couple of times, but neither of them backed down. Trying to appear more threatening that he knew himself to be, Baluarkos pawed at the ground a couple of times, gesture that elicited no response from the troop Nidorino.

"Now we're going to see sum'real fighting!"

"Who says the hlessi? Two Heart Scales over here? I have two- three! three Heart Scales over here!"

The two males lunged at each other and met with their forelegs raised; they kicked and bickered for a moment but they quickly lost momentum and were forced to dash each to their own side. Baluarkos heard the cries from his kittens amidst the cheering from the younglings.

"No way he's gonna win, my dad knows Poison Jab!"

"Peck! Peck! Peck!"

Most of the kittens were cheering, a couple of them were observing and taking mental notes. One of the female teachers sighed at the event, commenting to one of her mates on how often they saw things like this happen.

"Not this embleer hraka again!"

The two fighting males approached each other again; this time, after their first step they charged alongside each other until they reached the end of the grassy patch, and then they quickly circled and met each other horn-first.


The two Nidorino met head to head, their horns grazing each other's exposed ear though fortunately without causing damage.

Baluarkos roared at the other male. "I'm going to make you apologize!"

"To a disgrace like you?" The teacher pressed his head against Baluarkos' and attempted to bit his ear. "I'll do better offering my grassland den and my younger body to your female," he added, countering the older male with his weight.

The two lowered their heads, attempting to push the other back grunting all the while, but soon they started losing their footing; in their thirst for blood they did not really notice that some of the Nidorina in the group were keeping very close eye to their fight, each enjoying a thirst of her own, this much to the embarrassment of some of the male teachers who rolled their eyes and decided trying to bring the younglings back in order was a better investment of their time.

"Oh yeah? My dad fights white deaths for breakfast!"

"Pffff forest Nidos are too fat! Dad's pure muscle!"

The two adults were busy butting heads and trying to bite each other's front foot; at some point the teacher lunged at Baluarkos and attempted an overhead hit, with the older Nido barely managing to move out of the way before he was shoved by his opponent. Both males stranded each other until, noticing they were getting too close to the rocky edge of the terrain, they changed course.

"At least one thing you know how to do is run!" mocked the teacher, missing out on the disapproving stares from some of his peers.

All the meanwhile, the younglings were approving of the fight as a whole.

"Please Rovei, cover me with two Heart Scales! Mom has berries back home!"

"Ur dad can't even into territory!"


After a few successful kicks, the Nidorino attacking Baluarkos had made the mistake of sending the older Nido rolling on the ground too close to the trees, giving him time to get on his feet and take some cover; now the teacher was having quite more trouble trying to land a straight hit on Baluarkos who just kept leaning from side to side and using a combination of horn waves and pounds to try and hold his ground, always one feet against one of the trees.

"Growing blind at such young age?" growled Baluarkos.

"You'll take a long nap under that tree," countered the teacher as he bounced around looking for more angles of attack.

Not that any more than a few attentive younglings were paying attention to that.

Who were paying attention were two older and rather unkempt Nidoran males, not part from the school group, sitting by some bushes a distance uphill; they awkwardly looked at the fight breaking out below, straining their senses to make out every detail.

"No! From the other side!"

"Did I hear four Heart Scales?"

"That's a scam! Oh you just wait when marli hears of this..."

After a few runs at each other, managing to land some hits here and there, both Nidorino were panting and well scratched, eager to try a new approach. Baluarkos made a run in for spearing his foe, but right as the teacher was about to anchor to the ground for countering with a lateral slice, Baluarkos brake and let himself circle around, slamming the other Nidorino on the face with his flank and read end and sending him a short distance away, tumbling until he bumped on a tree.

"Teacher! That's a foul!"

"He's busy fighting!"


The troop leader Nidorino was still watching the scuffle from his position; he noticed the noise the two 'rinos were making and sighed, he decided this had to end. As he pulled himself up and started walking towards the area where the two 'rinos were fighting, he took notice of how quickly they recovered and how much they insisted on more instinctive growls and roars, leaving behind their unfriendly banrer. Sure, he knew some of the females were reading into this too and shot furtive glances at the two fighters while they waited comfortably on the ground, savoring the spectacle – and the contestants.

Baluarkos tried to chase the other Nidorino but he took a turn around the tree and shot a couple poisonous stings at Ba's feet, the outcast yelping out of surprise as he took a detour and now become the one chased by his opponent, who was leading him right to the edge leading downhill.

All the while the troop leader followed, though he stopped on his tracks and took a long look into the horizon when he noticed something was amiss. His ears flared, he paid attention to the skies ahead. From the troop's vantage position on the hills, he glanced at the forest looking for anything that was moving, yet found nothing, not even the bugs who were usually feeding on leaves this time of the day. He ignored the teacher's aggressive and dangerous goading of Baluarkos for a moment and tended to the skies, to the puffy clouds that calmly glided towards the horizon.

Except for one that circled around and slowly went away... followed by a few others.

The troop leader turned tail quickly and headed uphill to a better position, grunting some quick instructions as the two bickering Nidorino straightened themselves up and looked at what was going on, confused. The leader then noticed the figure of a darker Nidorino climbing up a trail from downhill, some distance from them - of regal demeanour and efficient trotting in the slope of the hill, the Nidorino leader instantly understood him to be one of the chosen warren guards, the closest thing the Nidoran colony had to a police force.

And he could only be running towards the colony for one reason.

The leader and the darker Nidorino crossed eyes for a brief moment, and at a nod from the darker Nidorino the leader's heart skipped a beat.

"White deaths!" came the screech of alarm as the Nidorino leader turned to the adults. "Take the kittens to the mounds!"
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