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Pokémon Stadium Kaizo

The Ultimate Pokémon Challenge
BPS Link:
(See at the bottom for details)

Pokémon Stadium is a game that I enjoyed, and is what kept me into the Pokémon Series.
This is the very first Pokémon Stadium hard mode hack that has some key features. It is nonprofit passion project.

1. Vastly Improved Rental Pokémon:

Poke Cup Rental Nidoking, with a good movepool and stats.

Petit Cup Rental Oddish, with a level increase to differentiate itself from other grass types. Many Pokémon in different cups have this.

Pika Cup, with as much variety as legally possible in both the Japanese Version, Default Wild Move, Yellow, Tradebacks, and Ingame trades with breeding. This is one of the cups with exclusive unevolved rental Pokémon not found in most cups.

Some Rentals may have nicknames of their Pre-evolutions. They have different movesets for additional variety. This hack factors in emulators that may not be able to utilize the Transfer pack, Much better than the Original Game's rentals. That is a good thing in this game.
2. All Pokémon can be registered in the Hall of Fame:

That's right! Without a transfer pack, it is actually possible to register all Pokémon to the Hall of Fame. It will take a little more work because some Pokémon are only found in certain cups, particularly unevolved Pokémon, but you will have to beat Round 1 in order to access the Round 2 cup with one more rental. Now R2 in the original is infamous for its difficulty, and there is Kaizo in the title so...
3. Enemy Trainers are SIGNIFICANTLY HARDER than the Original Pokémon Stadium:

I'm not going to lie. If I didn't change those rentals, this would be impossible to beat.

Right from the start, your enemies will have fully evolved Pokémon. The only exceptions are Pokémon that have moves or stats, or in a couple of cases, typing, that enable them to be better than Butterfree, or even several mid-evolutions. The ascending difficulty of the cups determines the quality of the moves or fully evolved Pokémon you face.

Single level cups such as Petit Cup and Pika Cup will often start out a bit harder than the others, some with wildcards that somewhat fit the theme or stratagem of the trainer. Also, nicknames of enemy poekmon are changed. You can laugh and make fun of me if you want if you find a name silly, and repeatedly used, but this makes them stand out (and some may be better than the original nicknames).

Difficulty Factors:
A. The AI is changed for nearly every single trainer.
B. The Teams are revamped. Bosses in Gym Leader Castle will have Wildcards, and Often their Signatures. If not, then their underlings may use them.
C. Movesets are changed to compliment the AI and their strategies. Many are universally threatening, but some may try some gimmicks, or unique strategies to them.
D. And of course, the enemy stats are raised higher than Round 2 Pokémon Stadium 1.
E. Think of Pokémon Stadium Kaizo R1 as R3, and Kaizo R2 as R4.
F. Kaizo Round 2. Apart from many relentlessly cruel battles that can make you question the validity of your existence, there are some unique battles in every cup that you can encounter, usually on the fourth battle in the Stadium Cups, and quite a surprise near the end of Gym Leader Castle Round 2.
G. Continues? (See Below)

4. Continue?
You might think it may be like the Pocket Monster's Stadium version where there are 42 1997 Nintendo Cup staples and no continues. In the Stadium Cups, that is still not the case; as long as you can manage perfect wins, you can still earn continues. There is also quite a bit more variety early on. You most likely won't face those monsters until Ultra Ball. A blessing because some fights can possibly checkmate you.

Sadly for you, Gym Leader Castle has no continues, and every single trainer is more threatening than before, though that's not saying much. Some are easier than others, but you can expect Gym Leaders to put up a fight. Especially the Elite 4.
Now if you feel like your emulator may crash or something might interrupt you, you are encouraged to save state. If you feel like resorting to save states as infinite continues, or even mid battle, you probably shouldn't consider thinking the game is easy at any point.
5. Achievements:
Unfortunately you don't really get exclusive prizes different from what you get for the transfer pak, assuming you are even using one. That is why I'm throwing in a little achievement list. Its not much, but I will list you on if you pull it off.

a. Beat R2 Mewtwo
b. Surfing Pikachu challenge
c. Rental Only run
d. Get all 151 Pokemon in Hall of Fame
e. Secret achievement (This is mostly in regards to those who use the transfer pack, I'll mention you achieved it as long as you AVOID using certain moves. I won't reveal which, but thankfully it is extremely few.
f. No continue Run (Pocket Monsters Stadium challenge: Go through a tournament cup without losing AT ALL.) Good luck with this one if you are really bold. Because "Nuzlockable" this game is not.
g. Assist people in getting Pokémon Stadium Kaizo to run.
(This is a nice gesture to other people, and I will credit you most on this, especially the first one. Emulators can be finicky things, so make sure to list specific ones, because this rom might have trouble working on emulators without changing emulator settings. I'm still new to that aspect myself)
6. The Download Link:
The patch file is stored in a zip file. WinZip is needed to open it.

This is slightly a bit different from IPS. You will need a BPS file or FloatingIPS, which patches z64 files.
It is mostly the same as patching with the IPS file: Rom base, the patch file, an emulator, but you'll also generate a brand new file.

However, there may be some issues. You'll need the new checksum, two CRCs to change in the RDB file somewhere in the Project64 configuration file/program file? That is because there is one battle data change that did cause the checksum to be different. It may not matter in other emulators outside of Project 64. If you can provide assistance in getting the Project 64 hack to work, (especially if you have video proof of it working for Project64 on youtube) please let us all know in the posts. I'll make sure to credit you all.

BPS link:


This BPS file works with PJ64 no problem. No RDB nonsense, but I was extremely hesitant due to an exploit in the original Pokémon Stadium.

7. Credits:
Froggy25, for the amazing Pokémon Stadium Editor.
Myself, for spending 3 months editing and playtesting AIs and changing rentals and teams.
Anyone who helps out with the Project64 RDB issue.
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