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Nice to see, Alby!

So, in the OP, you read about Cypress sending you on a journey to learn more about Aura as you grow as a trained. Aura is about friendship, heart and belief, it's what lets pokémon Mega evolve when together with their trainer, it's connected to pokémon types and how Arceus had plates for all these types exactly, why Z-moves are depending on type (and species) and it's how there are actual psychic people in the world.

Cypress strongly believes, but she needs others to show signs of Aura being a real thing, a thing possible to call upon and develop. And we can make our characters either ignore this request, or start showing signs of Aura influence together with their pokémon in different ways :) Be creative! But gradual ofc, most likely we won't actually see much of it until later in the RP.

I'm thinking I might have some of my pokémon who grow close to Chiara develop different typings. Like Vulpix ending up Fire/Psychic perhaps. Haven't fully decided yet though!

Something else can be developing an ability to telepathically communicate with your pokémon, or maybe being able to use your pokémon's moves, or other cool things.