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    found and finished the game so far yesterday xD got an imgur album of a few bugs I noted. in summary:

    -Jolteon occasionally warps somewhere or gets stuck somehow. yet to notice it with other evolutions. maybe its just me. (EDIT happened again with vaporeon)

    -girl in imbibo lake is stuck in trees, forces you to reload

    -had to reload and do connecting caves puzzle when it did nothing the first time.

    -sprite mix-up in dialogues.

    -(undocumented) when fighting Lion, I seemed to be doing multiple 300s after poisoning him with poison sting... every attack would register, then a 300 would appear after.

    all in all, the game is incredible. the combat can be fast paced at times, and speed means so much more now. I honestly cannot wait for the next segment!

    edit: decided to look around after the end of bate, 2 more bugs:

    -Almost all corrupt pokemon previously where hard, awesome battle. Fighting flaffy though seemed too easy, and while the abra was a nice touch it was also a little meh (maybe it was just me missing it from before). as for the sprite, cant even be sure if the sprite for flaffy was intentional or not, but if so I LOVE the turn for a properly glitched/corrupt look instead of what passes for dark pokemon in pokemon XD.

    -if we are not meant to fight the master in the body and mind challenges, maybe make him refuse to fight you until you have 5 badges so as to not get a "no party found" error

    -There are no monster fights in resta cave and Mt Sitor.

    (screenshots of added example at end of linked imgur album, )
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