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Originally Posted by Elaitenstile View Post
Wow, Gengar's got it this time, then? I just hope there's going to be one next year, as the community is such that favourites and members keep moving around the years. What say to that? An annual Favourite Pokémon Tournament may just make up the life in this forum, eh? I love these kind of tournaments! Drinks Everywhere! Er, I meant emblems, yes, emblems.
One of the things I took under consideration when starting the tournament was making it a yearly event- especially with the periodic addition of new Pokemon, and members always coming and going. If I can find a way to cut down the voting time from 6 months to at least half of that, there's a better chance you'll see a 2014 tournament.

Oh, and speaking of emblems, I hope no one's thinking I've forgot about them. I've been without my computer for a few days, but they'll be ready to go once I've got it back!