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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    -cough- double post -cough-

    Naww playing SSB against people who are close to your lvl is fun isnt it? xD but then again destroying newbies is also very entertaining xD

    I want to fight the crazy hand! Someone quickly throw me a gamecube and melee! Was giga bowser harder then Crazy hand? and did giga mean he was huge? Like the giant donkey kong???
    First Double Post you've ever seen? Interesting...

    Playing anyone at the same competition level is fun at the pro levels and you've got those who like to destroy those newbies for their own amusement. But you got to think that they wouldn't have much fun though and get bored easily. Not that I've ever been on that side so I couldn't tell ya

    Oh and often times my nephews would want to play the Tournament mode section and have ranks as random so they can expect the unexpected..It is quite fun watching them work their way up the board until I face them at the semi-finals or finals :X

    Giga Bowser is suppose to be the biggest and baddest creature in SSB.