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I've got my copy of LGE yesterday, so I can already say a bit about some pokemon locations. Let's start with the Kanto starters: You can find Bulbasaur very early in the game, just go searching for one in the Veridian forest. This may take time, since it rarely appears (I was lucky and got one right away), you may need the help of a special item, a perfume which attracts rare pokemon. If you still can't find one, you can get one from a woman who lives in Vermillion city, but only if you have already caught 30 pokemon (just catch 30 random ones, you mustn't catch new ones for the pokedex).
You can get a Charmander also from some guy, right after you've passed the bridge leading from Vermillion city to Bill's house on route 25. You just need to catch up to 50 pokemon.
Right after this, if you are lucky, you can catch yourself a Squirtle on said route 25.