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    Update time at last. And yes, I'm naming my team members after Hunger Games characters.

    Well, the Hunger Games began. My partner was the Torchick named Cray after the Peacekeeper in District 12, my home. As I began my battle for survival, I ended up faced in battle with May of District 4 and her Mudkip. Cray laid waste to that Mudkip and we were on our way. Birch sent me a present from a sponser in the form of five Poke Balls and a Pokedex. I was keeping the balls, but I'd hold onto the Pokedex just in case I needed it. I also got a new pair of boots that would help me run a bit faster, and those would be pretty useful for me later.

    After that, I made my way through Route 102, killing tributes that got in my path of death. I found myself some berries, luckily no nightlock around that I could accidently eat. Along with that, I stole another Poke Ball from a dead tribute. That'll be quite useful for later. I headed into Petalburg City and ran into Norman of District 10. He refused to fight me, and his ally, Wally from District 8 came by, needing my help to kill a few tributes. I was still in a bit of a killing mood, so I decided to help him out and kill tributes and help him get himself a Ralts. After that, Norman told me he'd challenge me if I beat Roxanne of District 2, Brawly of District 11, Wattson of District 3, and Flannery of District 9. Only then would he face me. Shortly afterwards, I made my way for Rustboro to deal with Roxanne of District 2.

    I assassinated a couple of tributes on Route 104 and made my way into Petalburg Woods. I stole myself a Potion and killed another tribute, but Cray got a bit careless with Ember and set the forest on fire. As I ran through the forest with Cray by my side, I ran into a Peacekeeper who got himself into the arena for some reason. Cray made quick work of him, and we got out of the burning forest. I smirked a bit as a few tributes screamed in agony as they burned to death. Not part of the plan, but I'll go with it. Back on Route 104, I eliminated a few more tributes and found more berries and stole a Super Potion off a dead tribute. After that, I made my way into Rustboro, but instead of going to face Roxanne of District 2, I went and trained up Cray to Lv. 16 so he would evolve into a Combusken. I'd need his new Double Kick to survive against Roxanne.

    I went and found Roxanne of District 2, and took care of her quickly and quietly, which was my usual style of killing a tribute. Shortly afterwards, I saw a Peacekeeper running off with something stolen from a tribute. Of course, I had to go see what it was all about. Gave me more tributes to kill on Route 116, so I felt a bit glad I went to investigate. I made quick work of the Peacekeeper and threatened an old tribute named Mr. Briney to give me a lift over to the island of Dewford. After that, I was brought over to Roxanne's partner since they wanted me to ally up with them, but I quickly declined and went on my way to Dewford. Immedietly afterwards, I hunted down Brawly and killed him brutally. After that, I headed off to Slateport and set up camp there.

    Cray (Combusken) Lv. 22 @ Nothing
    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Cut, Peck, Double Kick, Ember[/IMG]