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    ==== Chapter 1: From Start to First Gym ====
    Okay, so I just arrived in this quaint little town named Littleroot where I am to start my journey as a tribute I tried looking for people and wandered off to the professor's lab where I heard that he was giving away Pokemon, much to my chagrin, he wasn't though so I thought of going to his house and I saw that he wasn't in the living room so without the consent of anyone, I went up the stairs and what do I see there.. That's right, I see a pokeball, "Jackpot!" I thought to myself, but I guess I spoke (thought) too soon for as I was about to pick it up, a female trainer named May, went in the room and claimed the pokeball that apparently was hers.

    Dismayed, I went out and decided to throw all caution to the air and strode out of the town with the hopes that a wild pokemon or whatever will appear and suddenly decide to befriend me. As I was nearing the edge of the wilderness, I heard a cry of help, I ran over to the source off the sound and saw Professor Birch being chased by a little Zigzagoon, he asked me to get a pokemon from his bag. After that, some questions crossed my, why didn't he just use of one his pokemon? Why didn't he actually ran to town instead running in circles (squares) to eventually get trapped by friggin Zigzagoon?

    So after promptly dropping to my knees and laughing at his predicament I decided to go to his bag, I looked at each of the pokemon he has and was disappointed as they were all starters and most probably weak but as soon as I saw Torchic, I saw a glimmer in his eyed, a burning passion that reminded me of the people back home in District 12 so I decided to use him, in an effortless battle, Zigzagoon was wiped out and I was crowned the victor, nah just kidding, he ushered me into his lab and assesed my skills and in a scale of 1-12 rated me with a 13 because screw logic, seeing my expertise in the field of Pokemon, he decided to award me with the Torchic I used whom I named "Chiclypuff" because "Chicklypuff" was too mainstream..

    So anyways, he told me to meet with his daughter, a wildcard tribute named May so I practiced on a few unfortunate pokemon that crossed our path fearing the strength the she must have possessed, Chic reached level 7 fairly quickly before I even reached Oldale and learned "Focus Energy" anyway after that milestone, I went to Oldale and healed Chic and I talked to the wandering merchant and, as always, got free potions... Yay! I guess it's time to battle May for the first time to show her who she's dealing with but before I even approached her, a wild Poochyena appeared! I killed it off fairly quickly but alas my primal urges got the better of me again and made me slay a few more wild pokemon till I reached Lvl8, I saw that my Chic had been badly injured so I used a potion on him and faced May, in around three to four hits Mudkip went down.

    She urged me to go to Prof Birch's lab where he promptly reminded me that I beat May effortlessly and that she was supposed to have been a trainer longer than me... "What a noob!" I wanted to say unfortunately I was constrained by my script so I thought it best to remain silent and just accept a Pokedex which would probably help me later. May exclaimed that she too has a pokedex and for no explicable reason reason suddenly gave me balls, pokeballs to be precise. She told me that she would look for cute pokemon and enslave *cough* capture them.

    As I walked out, my mom called me and gave me my Air Jordans, I immediately removed the stuffy shoes I was wearing and, happy that I could once again run, ran immediately away with rock and roll song playing in the background. I went directly to Route 103 and trained some more till Chicly reached level 13 and learned Ember, happy with Chiclypuff's new abilities, I decided to push forward... I suddenly remembered that Roxanne will be using fire types and will therefore probably be hard on Chic so I decided to buff up even more on my way to Rustboro, I encountered more Tributes who got in my way and as such easily away with them, eventually Chicly reached level 16, learned Peck, evolved and this time learned Double-Kick.

    Now that my Chic's a Combusken with a full roster of damage-inflicting moves, I believed that it was time to take over Panem.. I meant Rustboro.. My bad.. I reached Petalburg and decided to try and take over my old man's turf while I was at it but he shunned me, he said he will battle me once I get four badges caause he didn't want to battle a battle a green-horn trainer (what the heck does that mean anyway?) and told me to supervise a kid trying to catch a wild pokemon, after that affair was over somebody named Scott called me a rookie trainer, how dare he??

    My journey to Rustboro was uneventful, I read in a 9GAG post that False Swipe would always leave 1hp when it hits and I instantly thought that I needed that really badly so I searched somemore on what Ground or Fire Pokemon could learn that naturally and found out that Nincada was a Bug/Ground Pokemon that learns it at Level 25 so I instantly set off to capture it which can be found, conveniently on Route 116 which was just a few steps from where I was, so after a bit of hunting I finally saw a Nincada and successfully caught it, healed it, and grinded it up to level 8 where I promptly got tired of battling wild.

    I decided to use Nincada to battle lone trainers in the are so I got it to level 10.. After Chicly, Nincada, and I laid waste laid waste to the Rustboro Gym (actually Chicly did all of it using Double-Kick, Nincada sort of just hung around), I earned the Stone Badge. With one of 13 tributes down, I am one step closer to become the Victor of this year's Hunger Games.

    Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in MY favor.

    ==== End of Chapter 1 ====

    Just got the Stone badge. Here's my current team:
    • Chiclypuff, Level 20 Combusken
    • Nincada, Level 9 Nincada

    Current Challenges
    • Hunger Games Challenge - District 12 - Emerald (0/8)