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Originally Posted by Maserati777 View Post
I've seen a ton of Swablu and Taillow. But haven't seen any Numel, Trapinch, Nosepass, Bagon, Beldum, Chimecho or Tropius.
I've seen a few Nosepass, they are very rare but do seem to spawn occasionally in Partly Cloudy weather (though it sounds like you don't seem to get that a lot!). Seen I think 2 Numel so far, both in Sunny weather, and have seen several Beldum in Windy weather. No luck with Chimecho, Trapinch or Bagon yet but really hoping they don't end up being too hard to find because all three of them are adorable!

Regarding Tropius, he's been proven to be region-locked unfortunately so you'll only be able to come across him on Africa/very Southern Europe. Chimecho I've heard rumours about being exclusive to Japan, but they already have Farfetch'd and (apparently) there have been a few sightings from around the world as well so hoping the rumors are false here.

I think you will end up finding a lot of these fairly easily, just have to wait for good weather :D
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