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    Within the billions of people around the world, there live a select few who have gained the power beyond ordinary humans. Gaining a ‘sixth’ sense, these people have the power to see ‘Souls’, and have gained ‘Familiars’. On rare instances, people are born naturally with this power, however the more common occurrence is picking it up through near-death experiences, contact with a ‘Lost Soul’, or on extremely rare instances, when one has achieved total balance in meditation between mind and body which allows them to see things a normal human cannot. People who have attained this power, are known as Reapers.

    Although, they have many names such as Shinigami, Grim Reaper, Gods of Death, etc. The most common name they go by is Reaper. Once attaining this power, that individual must repay their debt for reaching or contacting the ‘other’ side, by living as a Reaper. The Reaper’s debt is essentially a simple one, which is to hunt and slay demons. Although there is no set number of how many Demons they must slay, it is required they do it at least once a week, or ultimately risk dying and being sent to “The Crossroads” - a special place in neither Hell nor Heaven, but in Limbo.


    Essentially nearly the same thing, Lost Souls are people who have died, and they refuse to go to the other side, ‘rejecting’ their fate. This causes them to become Lost Soula, which are dangerous if not killed. They often take the form of a monster, and are particularly attracted to killing people and devouring their souls to stay on Earth. Once in this state, their mind is altered, and their knowledge of right to wrong is no longer there.

    Demons are vicious beings that are placed in Hell, and have leaked into the Human world. Exact cause of them to appear is unknown, and most of them are not lethal but rather pranksters. However, the occasional aggressive ones do show up. Some of them are even capable to disguising themselves as humans, which allow them to stay even longer in the Human World, without being detected by Reapers.


    Taking on a permanent form, Familiars are literally souls of Reapers that have been manifested into a sort of ‘spirit’ form. Their forms vary greatly, and are completely dependent on things such as a Reaper’s personality, traits, etc.

    They are a Reaper’s main weapon for eliminating Demons and Lost Souls. All of them are able to transform into a default Spirit Weapon for their own to use, and also have the nifty ability of ‘merging’ with objects. Although there are some restrictions, by merging with another object, Familiars can become different types of weapons. However, sometimes they can create something completely useless as well.

    Familiars are kept in a ‘Totem’, a Reaper’s object of choice which encapsulates the Familiar for usage later on, rather than having them float around the Reaper all day. They can be called in and out on command, and regular humans cannot see the Familiars. If transformed into its weapon state or merged, any Reaper that it making contact with the Familiar will be invisible to the human eyes as well, until the Familiar returns to its former state or if the Reaper is no longer making contact with the Familiar.

    They are also capable of understanding human speech, however they are unable to speak themselves, but rather make noises unique to each Familiar.


    The higher-ups, known as “The Lucid”, are group of individuals who have mastered their Reaper powers beyond any other Reaper in the world. Not much is known about them, however they do have a certain authority over other Reapers. They are made up of ten members at a time, and ultimately call the shots in the Human world, as they also call themselves ‘The Chosen Ones”. Although they don’t really make a scene, or even make public appearances, it is wise to follow their orders when asked to.


    This RP does contain magic, for those of you who are wondering. Here, I have divided Magic up into these elements, or ‘Natures/Affinities’ if you will.

    Fire – good against Lightning/weak against Water
    Water – good against Fire/weak against Lightning
    Lightning – good against Water/weak against Fire
    Earth – good against Wind/weak against Wind
    Wind – good against Earth/Weak against Earth
    Light – good against Dark/Weak against Dark
    Dark – good against Light/Weak against Light

    Spells can be literally anything you put your mind to, and are not restricted to only attacks. They can be barriers, environmental changes, etc. Also, your Familiar is also able to cast some basic magic as well. Your character will also be able to learn new magic throughout the RP, but only when I allow it.

    To use magic, requires Mana. Mana is the energy needed to use spells, and overexerting yourself can cause fatigue, exhaustion, and can take even longer recovering your mana reserve. Essentially, resting and waiting is the only thing that will replenish Mana. Some people are born with a higher mana reserve than others, so the amount of mana varies per person.

    Learning Magic outside of your natural affinity is more difficult than learning one of your own. Not impossible though, only more difficult, so make sure when you create your character, they don't have a spell of each element.


    Your character currently resides in New York City. You are a Reaper, and have been for at least a few months now. Although your Demon Slaying skills are not as advanced as you’d like them to be, for now they get the job done.

    You may be a college student, working a job, or maybe even doing nothing but being a bum at home. Whatever the case, you are still a Reaper. You have not met any other Reaper yet, however, that is all about to change. (We will not dive head-first into the story right away, but think of the first bit as a 'warm-up' and a way to meet some of the other players first. I wouldn't say it's a sandbox, as I will still give out info and guidelines on what to do.)


    Alright guys, welcome to my first ever RP on these forums! Hope you guys can look past my new-member status, as I have been RPing for a while. If you’re interested in joining this RP, then please, read on!



    1) All Forum rules apply (obviously)
    2)This is rated ‘M’ for a reason. Yes you can swear(don’t use it excessively please), romance( as long as you’re not writing a new Fifty Shades of Grey), and of course there will be violence.
    3) Please post regularly. Not sure if it a problem on these forums, but some other places have a tendency where people just randomly leave the RP without notice.
    4) If you do need to go somewhere, please let me know, and we’ll sort something out
    5) If you leave without notice for a long period of time, your character will die, and your spot will be opened up again
    6) If you want your character to learn a new spell, then run it by me either through PM or VM! Before asking me, make sure you ask yourself these questions:
    -Is the spell reasonable for my character’s skill level?
    -Is it overpowered?
    7) Note: When a Reaper dies, their Familiar is gone as well!
    8) This last one is not a rule, but please have fun!



    Age: (18+ please)

    Gender: (Male or Female)

    Appearance: (Please at least one paragraph)

    Nature/Element: (Pick one of the Elements above that your character has a natural affinity for.)

    History: (Current Lifestyle, how they did they become a Reaper, etc. Can be brief, but please at least a paragraph)

    Personality: (What are they like? Dislikes? Likes? How do they act with others, etc. Please write a little more than paragraph for this one please.)

    Spells: (Please only three for now. Make sure they are basic, and nothing overpowered.)

    Other: (Anything else we need to know about?)


    Name: (you must give your Familiar a name. Please keep it appropriate, and nothing dumb.)

    Appearance: (A picture here would be fantastic, seeing as most of them will be imaginary creatures. Be original, and please don't just base the whole thing off a Pokemon. Also remember, your Familiar is in its 'First' stage, so make sure it's reasonable. )

    Personality: (Think of the Familiar as a pet. What is its personality like? Aggressive? Gentle? Playful?)

    Default Spirit Weapon Form: (Your Familiar’s default weapon it can transform into. Again be creative. Nothing to overpowered, and please be appropriate.)

    Totem: (What does your character use a Totem to hold the Familiar in? Can really be anything, but again, keep it appropriate and nothing dumb.)

    Spells: (Again, your Familiar is at its First stage, so keep them simple. Maximum of three.)



    Name: Alex Ayers

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Alex stands tall at 6’2”, and has a relatively solid build weighing in at 185lbs. He looks heavier than he really is, with his most notable features being his developed trapezius and deltoid muscles. He has medium-short black hair, and has dark brown eyes and light brown skin. He is clean-shaven, and only has noticeable stubble when looked at closely, or not shaving for a while.

    His usual attire consists of a black long sleeve, with a plain, bright red t-shirt worn on top. He wears dark blue jeans, which are not too baggy, but aren’t completely fitted. His shoes are black sports high-tops, with white laces, and white socks. He also wears a silver Rolex watch wherever he goes.

    Nature/Element: Lightning

    History: Alex has lived a fairly simple and boring life, rather typical of a teenager. He had gone to school, did his homework, got average grades, nothing special. However, it wasn’t until after graduation that his life had changed.

    Walking home one night from a late-night study session from one of his college classes, he came across two high school students. As he walked past them, they got into a small scuffle, which quickly escalated into fists flying, causing the students to go to the hospital. After a little while, the students’ parents decided to press charges, which landed Alex in jail for a little bit for assaulting a minor, where he got his first dose of what being tough was really about.

    While living with a cellmate, Alex had learned the disgusting side of humanity, and how some people were willing to do the stupidest things that would end them up in prison or killed. After spending some time in jail, he learnt the ropes of how things worked, and tried to keep a low profile to avoid any suspicion or disputes among the inmates. However, one day he was in a heated argument with another prisoner, which ended badly for Alex. The prisoner had a concealed knife in which he used to stab him numerous times before any help eventually came.

    After a few months, he was fully recovered, however, with it came his power of the Reaper, along with with a few scars on his back. Currently, he attends a college in New York, and lives in residence on campus. Not owning a car, he has to commute everywhere via subway and bus transit. He doesn't mind, as it affordable, and he gets discounts for being a student.

    As of now, he works at a local grocery store called "Thomas Groceries". The manager was willing to look past his jail time and accept him as part of his employment team. Although Alex doesn't like his job, nor the manager, he's thankful he has some sort of income.

    Personality: Although he wants to stay out of trouble, Alex has a habit of getting into fights. Although usually he is not the aggressor, it ends up with him on the negative end, getting the blame. If he sees someone making fun of him, he isn’t scared to tell him or her off or confront them, although his first choice is to just shrug it off before doing anything.

    He isn’t really shy, and has no care as to what people think of him. He can also be a flirt at times, trying to get girls, however these have all failed, as he has never had a girlfriend. Most times he has revealed his jail time past to girls, which he think is the main reason for rejection.

    Once known, Alex can be a nice person. He knows when to take a joke, and when to be serious. Surprisingly, he likes to read comic books and play a lot of video games, and one of his favorite pastimes is working out, which most people find contradictory to comic book and video game nerds. With that being said, he also likes to play chess, although he isn’t very good at it. He likes the strategic approach to the game, which is what intrigues him.


    Black Volley (Dark Elemented) – Alex can shoot out dark spheres of Dark-elemented mana at his foes. Standard attack.

    Lightning Strike(Lightning-Elemented) – Shoots out a bolt of lightning at a target

    Shadow Slicer - His sword envelops in Dark-elemented mana, and gives an amplified swing capable of slicing or bashing. Can also release mana upon impact for small explosion.

    Other: Not really.


    Name: Mari (Maw-ree)

    Appearance: (will provide picture soon) A bird-like creature with a jagged tail. It has nice, warm yellow color to its feathers, and has two orange-yellow ribbon-like structures on top of its head.

    Personality: Quiet and faithful, Mari does not do anything without Alex’s consent. Most of the time when it is out of the totem, it just likes to float around, however once in battle, it listens to every command without question. Mari also likes to nestle on his head, as Alex walks.

    Default Spirit Weapon Form: A black-colored sword. Simple as that.

    Totem: Mari’s totem is Alex’s gold watch on his left hand. Alex figured that since he had to put his Familiar in something, it may as well be something that he is going to be carrying around.

    Spells/Attacks: Sun Gem (Light Elemented) – Mari shoots out small volleys of energy at the target.

    Vibrance (Light Elemented) - Mari lights up her feathers to illuminate dark places, and can heal some injuries, including things such as mending(as long as you're not trying to regenerate a lost leg or something). In certain cases, it can also be used to partially blind enemies for a brief moment, only when the light is intensified which uses up more mana.

    Static Beak(Lightning Elemented) - Mari's beak extends and becomes covered in Lightning elemented mana, capable of pecking, and stabbing enemies.


    Alex Ayers & Mari
    Jayce Winter & J2
    Kallen Benzel & Rosa
    Norris Wicker & Voel
    Kaya Syren Alabast & Wyve
    Shear Smith & Kerayle
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