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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post

This looks interesting. Sort of sandbox-ish. Humans, elves, and dwarves, eh? It's the plain race trinity! MAKES DECISION HARD TO MAKE. HRMMM...

I am a bit curious about that Snowshire place and also Drakin. Those islands in the northern corners. Also, as the person before me hinted at, is it possible to roll as a branch, mixed-race or sub-race of the big three (I'm going to start calling the plain race trinity that because it's shorter)? I want to play something a little more wild and if I read correctly, this is a custom world. :P

Also, what technological era is the world in? Is it a traditional medieval fantasy or is there industrial activity somewhere in the world? Are the religions just beliefs or do these gods actually exist in the world's universe, and is there the possibility of having a conglomeration of multiple religions for a character?

Feel free to respond in a PM if you prefer that.
Please reply to Pyro's questions in this thread, because I'm wondering too :p
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