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If I wanna make an interesting cast, I try to make them as unpredictable as possible.

Like for instance most people would expect a hero in a story to be flawless and a do-gooder generally, and has the right objectives and targets. But what if you make the hero a flawed one with twisted ideals? That makes the reader think why the hero is the protagonist, and this somehow can lead to more attention to the said character.

Sometimes taking advantage of 'mainstream' expectations can also be helpful. A good example would be those Pokemon fics where you have villains naturally comprising of typical baddies (Darkrai, Zoroark, Dark types, you know the drill). But what if the antagonist is something like, say, a Ditto? That would really surprise people and also intrigue them to find out its motives and desires, and also what strengths and quirks it possess compared to other characters.

Yes, I do rely on surprise factors often, but that's probably how I see it in my view xd