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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
That said I'm not really defending Nintendo, the Wii U deserves to do terrible because of its technological inferiority and poor marketing, I really have no idea what they were thinking with the Wii U really unless they thought that the 360 and PS3 wouldn't be replaced for a few years. The 3DS has a lot of good things ahead now though.
Is that really fair? The 3DS, DS, and Wii were (and are) all inferior to their competition by quite a bit, but they did so well that they all practically left their competition in the dust. The Wii U's problem is the exact same problem that plagued the Gamecube: low 3rd party support (though, ironically, Gamecube was the strongest system of its generation, iirc). It doesn't have a library and it has no foreseeable library. I don't think it deserves to do badly because it's weaker, that wouldn't be fair, but I think that they'll need to make some quick and drastic moves/changes if things don't turn around soon for the Wii U.
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