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Alex Rose

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Alignment: Bounty Hunter

Personality: If one had wanted to find a single word to describe Alex, the first one that would come to the minds of most would be apathy. He had no hobbies, he had no real friends and distanced himself from people who tried to get close and he had no interest in anything but his job. He lived only for the thrill of the hunt. Ever since he helped hunt food as a kid on his family farm, pursuing his prey has been when he feels truly alive.

So much is Alex's entire life tied to tracking down a target and capturing and killing them, that only a very thin line separated him from becoming an outlaw and becoming a bounty hunter. He's not devoid of morality, he doesn't believe in killing unnecessarily - like taking the life of an innocent. He chose to become a bounty hunter because he could enjoy a fulfilling life without violating those basic principals. He doesn't think about it, but he's not really sure what way he'd have gone if being a hunter hadn't been an option.

Recently though, Alex has begun to question the way he lives his life. He's become aware of the blood on his hands in a way that he never was before. He still finds nothing more fulfilling than chasing down and gunning down his target but now he's questioning the way he lives. He feels lost.

Appearance: Alex is tall and thin, being just over six feet tall and sporting a lean, athletic build and his features are sharp and angular. His skin is naturally pale, especially given the environment he lives in, although closer inspection would reveal that he actually has been tanned by the desert sun. Under his clothes Alex now sports a number of scars, many of them gained over the events of the past few months. His hair is straight and black and reasonably long. It reaches midway down his neck and he has a long fringe that in the centre reaches to just below his eyes, which are small and brown.

For attire Alex aims for function over form. He dresses primarily in shades of grey, varying from light to dark, and black although he'll occasionally include a splash of white. His clothes are generally trousers and a simple shirt, both made out of thin fabric. He is frequently seen donning a long, heftier coat. He wears a brown leather belt around his waist that holds both his guns as well as leather pouches for his spellbook and ammo.

Background: Alex grew up on a farm outside of Fairbell, but he had no love for the farmer's life. His parents operated under the assumption that he'd take over the farm one day, but Alex had other ideas. He was bored, there was nothing that h felt gave his life meaning except for those times when he and his father hunted for their meat. At those times he found fulfilment... but even that was starting to run thin by the time he was older. So Alex, as soon as he could, left home to become a bounty hunter. That way he could chase much more exciting prey. His parents were the opposite of thrilled but he didn't care.

Life as a bounty hunter was more or less what Alex expected. It was far more fulfilling than his old life on the farm. Sometimes it was even challenging. He got himself set up as a member of Janet's agency and started renting a room at an associate of hers' house. He was rarely home long though, always he was out hunting. He rarely had the chance to go after particularly high bounties though.

Then Rex Flinders happened. Flinders had a huge bounty and after a lesser outlaw working with him slipped Alex's grasp and released several prisoners affiliated with his gang, Alex set his eyes on the Flinders Gang. He tracked down the outlaws base and invaded, gunning down anyone who stood in his way until he came across Flinders himself. That went less well. Flinders easily defeated him, even after reinforcements arrived in the form of Jeb, Sophia, Marzia and Alice. Even two bounty hunters and two outlaws together couldn't defeat Rex. But Alice did. The child was possessed by an entity called Verelys and at that moment it awakened and Veralice was born. She destroyed Flinders with ease leaving the injured Alex and Jeb to claim the bounty.

The next while Alex spent training and practising while Veralice rampaged across Jeimas. Then, he deduced where she was going and set off after her, once again meeting Jeb. The two of them confronted Veralice even as the Night Wolf, another Big Bad also did. During that fight Jeb and the Night Wolf lost their lives but Alex narrowly escaped death and killed Veralice. His suffering was far from over though. He watched as she reverted back to being an ordinary child as she dies and since then his dreams have been haunted by the memory of him killing the little girl.

Weapons: Alex is skilled with firearms and will usually default to his guns before turning to offensive magic, instead preferring to use his spells to augment his shooting for the most part. He makes use of two different firearms: a sawed-off Lupara shotgun and a simple six-shooter revolver. In the past he favoured the more destructive shotgun as his primary weapon but now gravitates more to the handgun.


Elemental Burst - Fire: A small fireball is produced.
Blink: Disappears and reappears nearby so long as they can see their target location. Alex's variant creates a small flash of red light.
Elemental Shield - Fire: Creates a barrier made of flames. More effective at blocking physical attacks or spells than projectiles.
Fire Bomb: A larger variant of the Fire Elemental Burst with a greater blast radius.
Detect Magic: Can be used to discover spells active in an area.
Multiply: Creates multiple illusory copies of himself or an object. They cast shadows but otherwise cannot interact with the world around them.
Reload: A highly specific version of summoning that works with high accuracy but very limited range. It moves bullets on Alex's person or that he is touching to the chambers of his weapons.
Burning Blink: An enhanced version of the Blink spell that creates a small flash of flame on disappearance and a slightly larger one on reappearance.
Minor Cloning: Alex creates two temporary duplicates of himself. Unlike Multiplications, these can physically interact with the world.
Detonate: A time delayed spell that causes an object Alex has touched to combust and explode. The longer he maintains contact with the item the longer before it explodes and the bigger the explosion.

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