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Hi, SidTheRiser07 ! i think my favourite pokemon and region has to be Zekrom and Unova ! favourite stand is a hard one but i think its either GER or Silver Chariot. The part 5 anime was great i watched every episode on the day it came out! so waht's your favourite pokemon,region and stand?
Good to know, I'm a Unova fan too! Favourite pokemon: The Monferno line. Stand? I think it would be Gold experience and Hierophant Green. I haven't yet watched the entire part 5 anime, but am nearing the end. I did read the manga, though. Now that this dog has visited, I think this thread will be visited by a Garchomp/Blaziken,a Fairy and maybe a Sheep. Magical creatures. You'll soon know what I mean.
<~Trent loves the fountain above! (And he credits Haychel for the avatar!)