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    Originally Posted by lifeburst View Post
    Hopefully I'm asking in the right place. I just did my parameters and RNG reporter under my profile it says my timer0 min is C7E and my max timer0 is C7E, is there something to be concerned about, or does it just mean I won't get timer0 trolled? I'm using a DS lite and a retail copy of White, if it matters. I had repel on when I did my parameters but I did do Sweet Scent in the last room of Victory Road immediatly after loading the game.
    Don't worry, you won't be trolled too much by t0 in White. Possible t0s you'll be getting is C7E + or - 1 (C7D or C7F, but I haven't seen C7D pop-up yet). Just stick to the t0 that you've been getting most of the time.
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