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Originally Posted by ares10 View Post
Map name: Dragons Den

Tileset: revamped G/S/C tiles

Comments: revamped tiles revamped dragons den, i did some major block editing to make it look better. in my hack the player gets to travel inside and meets the Dragon Sage.


Well, for a revamp, it's not bad.. but there's nothing else to say about that, so let's move on to the tiles - they're so bright it doesn't seem like you're in dragon's den (a cave) at all. Maybe try to lessen the red colour variable in the palette editor.
I also see some mapping mistakes...
I won't be rating the tiles, so a 7/10 would be good.

Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
Well, where to start? First of all, the 3rd and 2nd Gen tiles clash so badly, its just kinda painful. The tileset colors aren't very nice on the eyes either. Try making the tiles blend better instead of having a line where they meet.

This is supposed to be a dragon's den revamp right? In that case the door to the building can't be reached from the top: There is another on the bottom.

Suggestions: Try to make the palette better and blend the tiles.

Rating: 3/10
You can't rate a revamp so harshly based on tiles, as we're only supposed to rate the maps and not the tiles here... Just saying.

Now onto some of my new (old actually) maps.

And this one, it's my first world map ever. I sprited it from scratch by looking at the hgss map.

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