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    it has been quite some time since i last posted a chapter, but ere it is, chapter 17, and 18.

    ch. 17

    When Andrew, latias, latios and Jogun arrived everyone had already finished unpacking the tents. A new sound rang in Andrew’s ears and he went to investigate. The sound was of metal clanging, and it was coming from a tent in a secluded part of the camp. Andrew peered inside to see Adelaide tutoring a few young men on how to make swords. They were banging metal on anvils and the swords right now looked like large lumps of metal that had a rough edge than actual blades, but were slowly taking shape. Adelaide glanced in Andrews' direction and walked over to him.

    “How are you teaching them? You can’t speak can you?” was the first thing Andrew said. Adelaide gave him one of those “you’ve got to be kidding me” looks and rolled her eyes.

    <no, I can’t speak. But that doesn’t mean I can’t show them what to do.> the little pokemon said. Andrew didn’t have anything to say to this, but nodded and watched Adelaide correct one of the young men by nudging his hand with her head into the right position and when she nodded the young man swung. The hammer flattened the metal a considerable amount. The other young man watched and did the same. Andrew left the tent after the sound of hammering became too much. He rubbed his temples, trying to relieve the massive head ache he had gotten. He wandered around the camp for a little while before gathering everyone into the middle where the bon fire was.

    It took a few minutes for everyone to arrive, but everyone did eventually.

    “I have requested the help of the king” Andrew began. Everyone murmured a bit at this, but they were silenced when Jogun blew a jet of flame into the air. “He has accepted my warnings and has agreed to help us.” The crowd cheered, but was again silenced by Jogun. “The women and children are allowed into the city, and are to stay there until the first fight is over. You have an hour to prepare yourselves to enter the city.” The boy finished. A young woman, one of the few had actually become a medic raised her hand. “Yes?” Andrew said when he noticed.

    “What about the medics? Will we be able to help? You will need us.” She said. Andrew looked like he was deep in thought.

    “Yes, I will choose the best medics to come to the field of battle; the rest will enter the city.” Andrew answered and walked away after gathering all the nurses. He chose ten and sent the others to pack their belongings.

    After an hour, all the women and children left. It was unusually quiet at the camp now, without the sound of children shouting and women bickering among themselves. The only sounds were those of the forge that Adelaide had set up and the clinking of metal as the soldiers of Andrews' army walked through the camp. He heard an argument coming from one of the tents. Andrew heard the voices of Aalina and Orin. They were fighting about something and Andrew listened. He didn’t like eaves dropping, but he was curious as to why Aalina hadn’t left with the women and children.

    “No, you are not staying here!” he heard Orin say madly.

    “But father! I know how to fight! I want to help.” Aalina pleaded.

    “No, and that’s final.” Orin stopped the conversation. Andrew poked his head in, and pretended to be surprised when he saw Aalina. Both of them looked at him.

    “Why are you still here?” Andrew asked Aalina, mock surprise in his voice.

    “I want to help fight…” Aalina said sadly. She got an idea though and her face lit up. “Will you let me fight?” she asked Andrew.

    “No, I’m sorry. You should have gone with the other children.” He said. Aalina looked shocked.

    “So, I’m a child? ‘You should have gone with the other children.’? And you’re not a child.” She said, disgusted.

    “No, in human standards I would be dead. So no I’m not a child, but you are.” Andrew retorted. “How many other 13 year olds do you see here right now? Oh, yes. I forgot. There aren’t any.” Andrew said, but instantly felt bad about it.

    “How many 13 year olds in this whole camp can fight? Oh yes. I forgot. I’m the only one.” Aalina said. Her face was red, and Andrew could have sworn he saw steam coming out her ears.

    Andrew walked out, but before completely leaving he said “I won’t make you leave right now, but first thing in the morning, you need to enter the city.” He walked to the bon fire. A group of men were sitting around it drinking beer. Andrew turned it into water and walked closer to the flames.

    “Hey!” they all shouted in a drunken stupor.

    “Sorry, men in my army don’t drink.” Andrew said before walking closer to the fire. One of them lurched over to him.

    “But I like beer…” he said. “And I’m not in no army lead by you.” He said and pointed at the fire. He tried to punch the flames, but came back with a burnt hand. “Aw that wasn’t nice. You burnt me.” The man said and collapsed into a drunken slumber. Andrew just shook his head in disbelief. For one, he couldn’t under stand why anyone would like beer. He had tried it once and it tasted awful. Second, he couldn’t believe how stupid people acted when they were drunk. Luni crawled up behind Andrew.

    <its funny, but sad all at the same time. ‘That wasn’t nice. You burnt me.’> She imitated the drunken man.

    “Agreed. I’m not letting anyone get drunk in my army though. Tomorrow, the king will come to have a war council. You are expected to be there, since you are also one of my commanders.” Andrew said.

    <I’ll be there. But where is it?> Luni asked.

    “It will be right by the front gate.” Andrew answered and walked toward his tent and Luni toward hers.

    As soon as Andrews head hit the pillow, he fell asleep. Fortunately, he had no nightmares, but a real one was slowly unfolding.

    CH. 18

    The black army slowly approached the mainland. Many transports had plunged to the depths of the ocean when the Dragonite carriers became too tired. In the end, 100 transports were left, yet it was still an army of about 5000. The dark creature leading the transports touched down on the sandy beach. All plant life within a ten foot radius of the creature died. All pokemon within a mile away from the army immediately went into hiding. Lucas touched down right next to the creature on his Salamence. The dragon looked extremely weary and faint. Lucas hopped of its back and patted its neck. He wasn’t completely cold of heart; he very much cared for his Salamence. The pokemon lie down and fell into a deep sleep.

    “How much longer until we reach the battle field?” Lucas asked the beast as the army slowly got off the transports.

    “In one weeks' time, we will reach the capital and the sprawling city within. There we shall find the child and kill him, and his companions.” The beast growled. He savored the thought of seeing the light leaving the boys eyes. “For now, we will rest here.” It said after shaking itself back to the present.

    “Yes, thank you my lord.” Lucas said gratefully. He bowed, and turned to give the orders for the army to set up camp. He supervised the construction of a stable for the cavalry and then went to sleep next to his Salamence.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Andrew woke to an eerie silence in the camp. The only sounds were those of clanking metal as the guards walked through the neat rows of tents. He crawled out of his tent, making sure not to wake Umbreon.

    “Give it to her.” A familiar voice said. Andrew turned to see nothing but air. He knew that voice, he just couldn’t place it. Andrew shrugged and walked along, to see if Aalina had gone yet. He discovered her still asleep when he got to the tent she shared with Orin. He walked along the tents some more and heard the sounds of contented men snoring peacefully. When guards passed Andrew they saluted, but the boy quickly waved them off.

    He found Adelaide in her forge, working so quietly, that the only sound you could hear was a tiny “ping, ping” as the hammer hit a sheet of metal. She was working on an intricate scythe blade. Andrew watched silently as the Aron slowly morphed the hunk of metal into the slender shape of a crescent moon. When Adelaide finally noticed the boy sitting there, she dropped the hammer, making a loud thud.

    <I’m sorry. Did I wake you?> she asked apologetically as she picked up the hammer.

    “No.” Andrew replied. “I couldn’t hear anything actually. I was just wandering through the camp when I saw you working on something.”

    <oh, alright then.> Adelaide said and began hammering softly again. After about another hour, Andrew got up to see if Aalina had yet woken. She had and her things were in a small sack. She was standing by the front of her tent, softly speaking to Latias. Andrew peered around, Aalina looked slightly embarrassed.

    “What are you talking about?” Andrew presented himself.

    <oh, nothing.> Latias giggled. Andrew looked at her doubtfully, but changed the subject.

    “Aalina, it is time for you to leave.” The boy said, Aalina looked distraught, but nodded.

    “I know.” She sighed. Andrew called a guard over and told him to escort Aalina to the city after her father came to say goodbye. “He isn’t coming.” Aalina said sadly.

    “Wait, your own father isn’t coming to say goodbye?!” Andrew said, shocked.

    “No, he said he might change his mind about me leaving if he did.” Andrew shook his head in disbelief. He could understand the logic behind this, but still couldn’t believe it. Aalina was about to walk away, but turned around and Kissed Andrew on the cheek.

    “Don’t die.” She blushed and ran off, the guard doing his best to keep up. Andrew wiped his cheek with his hand and began to walk away saying something about Aalina not staying mad for very long and never understanding women. Latias looked jealously at Aalina as Andrew moved towards the place where he was supposed to meet with the king commanders for a war council. She slowly followed. She stopped by her tent to put on her armor and wake Latios and then both of them joined Andrew by a section of the camp that had another medium sized fire. With in the next hour Jogun arrived, his helmet on, and in the following hour, Luni and Orin arrived, both of them completely clothed in heavy armor.

    King Aimone and his generals finally arrived around midday, a small force of 50 men around them. Andrew greeted them all kindly and motioned for them to sit on the logs surrounding the now burnt out fire. The boy drew a quick map of surrounding area on a small piece of parchment and showed it to the men.

    “If this is where we are,” Andrew drew an ‘X’ on the map in front of the walls. “And this is where my army and I came from,” the boy circled the woods on the far side of the sprawling plain that separated the city and the forest. “Then this is most likely where we are going to be attacked from.” He shaded in the entire forest.

    “What makes you think this?” one of the generals asked respectfully. They had all heard of Andrews’ ability, and didn’t want to get on his bad side.

    “Well, if our army is right here,” Andrew pointed to an area in front of the city walls. “Then they will need someplace to organize their army. Behind and to both sides of the city is forest, and in front of it, is a large plain, perfect for a battle. And if we’re here then they have no other place to go then there.” The boy finished triumphantly. The general looked embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed it before.

    “What if they should attack from the air?” another general asked.

    “They still have to land somewhere to let the entire army attack. And that will most likely be there.” Andrew said and pointed again to the area of land in front of the forest.

    “And if they land in the city?”

    “We will more than likely see them if they do that. And they still need to get their army organized, and a city filled with buildings and narrow streets isn’t exactly a good place to do that. And if we don’t see them, then our men manning the trebuchets and ballistae will.” Andrew answered.

    “Wait, why did you call this council if you already know what you’re doing?” king Aimone asked.

    “We still have not devised a plan of attack. We need one for every possible way they might attack. And it’s not only my army, it’s yours too.” Andrew pointed out.

    For the rest of the day, all of them planned. Latios, Latias and Luni agreeing with the air general on their tactics, Orin with the general of the cavalry, and Andrew, Jogun, and the rest of the generals, along with the king, discussed other plans of attack. Little did Andrew know, a spirit was giving him strategies. It meant no harm and was truly helping in more ways than any of them could possibly know.

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Before Andrew fell asleep that night, he heard the voice again.

    “The pendant, give it to her…” it said. Andrew sat up and looked around. There was nothing in the tent other than himself and Umbreon. As he lay back down he wondered who was speaking.

    “I know that voice.” Andrew told himself as he set his head back down on the pillow. He felt something hard beneath his head and sat up again. He reached behind him and grabbed the pendant that Rayquaza had given him so long ago. Andrew then knew the owner of the voice and smiled to himself. It was Rayquaza. The boy held on tightly to the pendant. He was still confused about one thing though: who was he to give it to? Aalina? Latias? Adelaide? Luni? Andrew fell asleep wondering these things, hoping to find an answer in his dreams.

    That night, rather than finding the answer, he just had a dream, a real dream. Not a nightmare. It was just a beautifully calm meadow. There was no dark cloud or evil army, just grassland stretching for miles. Andrew was in his human form, lying happily in the grass. Latios, Latias, Luni, Rayquaza and Typhlosion were all there with him. It was one of the things he wanted most in the world: peace.
    well wasnt that fun? plz leave coments, and be nice. i do read through the coments involving critisism(?), but i dont necessarily change those bits in the specific chapters, Silawen, but i add those tips to future chapters.
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