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    Andrew grunted as the blade of his sword hit… the ground? <What the hell?!> Andrew almost shouted.

    <you water beings. So easy to read what will happen next.> the evil said and delivered a crushing blow to Andrews back, knocking the black dragon to the ground. Andrew tried to raise himself, only to be knocked to the ground again. He lay still in the rapidly spreading pool of bluish, maroon blood. <don't even think of trying to get up again. As you can see, I have mercy. I will let you live. You will make a nice pet.> The Evil snickered. Andrew regained consciousness just in time to hear the last part of the warning.

    <I. Will. Be. No. PET!> Andrew got up and whirled around, striking his opponent with another powerful blow to the chest. Because he was weak from the damage he had taken, the attack was weaker than others, but it still knocked The Evil back a couple of yards.

    Andrew turned around for a moment while his opponent was on the ground to look at the battle going on. The dark army seemed to be losing.

    <remember this: darkness always prevails over light.> the voice of The Evil came from behind the black dragon, and Andrew turned his head just in time to see the ax blade coming down on his back. Andrew fell to the ground, crushing many men, both his and his enemies'. He lay on his back, not moving except for the short rise and fall of his chest because of his quick breathing. The new pool of blood widened faster than the last, because of the sheer size of the wound that had been delivered. The evil landed next to Andrews' head and the dragon finally noticed how small The Darkness was compared to him. He also realized that no matter your size, death is something anyone can deliver.

    <you have cheated Death many times. Maybe Giratina and Darkrai will convince him that it wasn't completely your fault the world was enshrouded in shadows when you meet them.> the being sneered.

    <I will not meet death today…> Andrew gasped and closed his eyes for a moment. His breath came in short gasps and he knew that if he didn't change form, and enter a healthy body, he would never live. He also knew he didn't have enough energy change. He gathered up the little strength he had left and slowly, painfully rose from the ground. Cunamio had been knocked from his hand and was a few feet away. He grabbed the blade, which had shrunk back to its long sword form. The blade grew and morphed again as Andrew picked it up. But it changed slowly, as if it had also been wounded and had only enough strength to do this. Andrew hung his head for a moment out of pure weakness, and when he looked up he saw that his foe had been watching the battle and was calling on reinforcements from the shadows. Groups from Andrews' army were outnumbering the dark army 10 to one, but then suddenly, those groups were out numbered, 50 to 10 as enemies were formed out of their own shadows.

    Andrew ever so slowly sneaked up behind The Darkness. <you remember this: darkness will never prevail over light!> Andrew roared and using as much power as he could muster, thrust Cunamio through the beings back, piercing it clean through to the chest, and fell to the ground again. The Evil roared in pain and disappeared in an explosion of black dust. It sent a shockwave through the air so powerful that it reached the walls of the city. As the wave of air crashed through the battle, it disintegrated all the dark forces and the men of Andrews' army looked confused for a minute, but then let out an ear splitting victory cheer. One of the men though, Orin as it turned out, was on the outskirts of where the battle had been taking place saw Andrew lying on the ground, unconscious. "MEDICS!" he called out. All of the men around him looked at him, and then what he was looking at. Nearly every one of them gasped and/or dropped their weapons when they saw their commander and friend on the ground, on the verge of death. Orin rushed to Andrew' side, and tried to wake him up. Luni and Latios, who had been in the air, looking for any survivors of the dark army saw what was happening. They too, rushed to Andrews' side just as two field medics came out from the mass of soldiers that had gathered to see what was happening. The victory cheer had long since died and now the dead were being carried away, the wounded treated to, and nearly everyone else gathered around their fallen commander. Absolutely every soldier, medic, archer, and pokemon had forlorn expressions on their faces.

    The two field medics quickly examined Andrews' wounds and looked unsure of what to do next.

    "Well?" Orin pushed them to answer.

    "Well, um, well, he is likely to bleed to death." One of the medics said, forlorn.

    "Both he and his wounds are so large, that we can't possibly help. It would take almost a full role of gauze just to cover the wound on his arm." The other said. "Unless he could somehow heal himself, even slightly, we might be able to help." He continued.

    All this time, Andrew lay silent on the ground his eyes closed, but he was listening. He knew, that if he could stay alive long enough to get some of his energy back, he could change into another form and let His Rayquaza body heal.

    Latios and Luni had been right next to Andrew, and now curled up beside him, in a feeble attempt to keep him alive.

    <don't die. Please don't die.> Latios muttered quietly.
    <no worries. I'm not going to die today.> Andrew answered, just as quietly. Latios, in shock, looked at Andrew. His eyes were closed, but as Latios watched, they slowly opened, and a sad smile fell across the blue dragons' face.

    <Glad to hear that. But you're still gushing blood.> as Latios said this he looked at himself, his glassy feathers were now soaked in blood. It made him feel nauseous, so he looked at Andrew again.

    <yes… I just need to… build up enough… I'm feeling dizzy…> and with that, Andrew passed out from blood loss.

    "There must be a way to stop him from bleeding!" Latios roared into the heads of the two field medics, who were presently discussing that topic. The two men turned to the blue dragon.

    "We don't have enough supplies, or a large enough role of gauze. We're discussing what to do, but currently, all we can do is wait, sir." Just as the field medic finished, a blinding flash covered all the corners of the battle field. Latios, Luni, Orin and the few men that had been in Andrews' army from the beginning knew what was happening, but none of them had seen a flash so bright from when Andrew changed form. Those that knew what was happening turned to where Andrew was as soon as the flash disappeared. The boy that they had known was now standing there, or laying down would be a better term. All of Andrews' wounds were gone, and Cunamio was back in its long sword form.

    Andrew shakily got up, but then collapsed. Latios nudged the boys hand around his neck, and Andrew got up again, barely managing to keep steady. He looked around and saw that all motion had ceased and it was so silent that a pin could have been heard even though it would have been dropped on the earth.

    "Did we win?" Andrew asked nobody in general, and another long victory cheer rose through the air.
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