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    Hmm.. That's odd :s I don't know why it would keep restarting. I'll check it out. I also tried to dumb his Eevee down lol Initially it had Tail Whip and Tackle and it swept me every time lol figured Growl would work better. Maybe it's because I said "True" for continuing if you fail? I thought that meant that the event would automatically end and switch to "A," not that it would cause endless rebattles to occur.

    I'll check out what's wrong with the Prof Oak. scene, too. That didn't happen to me either lol shall see~

    As for background stuff not having any description, I haven't thought about what I want on TV yet, like help channels and stuff. They'll be edited when I have useful stuff to put :3 I think just adding things to "fill" for the heck of "filling" is worse than having it empty for now.

    Thanks ^^


    This stuff is fixed. Download:

    ** If you have 1.0, you can replace your files with the ones in This Fix. It should work.
    - Alpha 1.1 is Released! Click Here To Download
    ** Alpha 1.1 Fixes "Endless Joseph Battle," the "Through" Joseph NPC in Prof. Oak's Lab, and adds content to shelves and other decorative items

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