Thread: 5th Gen Who was your MVP?
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I was pretty good at balancing my team out enough for them all to be pretty weak when I reached the E4, which meant I'd have to rely on their typings and such while constantly reviving and healing them. I definitely had Pokemon who were the weak links on the team, mainly my Unfezant and Leavanny, since both were horribly underleveled and weak. However, if I had to choose an MVP, I'd say my Krookodile. She rarely ever failed me, and her moveset were pretty great for just about any Pokemon. She was pretty fast, so she was quick to take out the slow and weak with. For the stronger ones, mainly the big Dragon types that Iris and Drayden had, which I did not have any Ice type moves for, her Foul Play was exceptional, and she was definitely a huge help, but my Emboar and Magnezone were right there behind her. So the win was a team effort, not really exclusive to anyone.
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