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Posted September 13th, 2017
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So it's been a while since I've RPed on forums as I've been tabletop RPing with friends. I'm looking to get back into it as a means of releasing my creativity. I don't have a lot of time during my weeks, but I do have more than enough time on my weekends. As such, I've been thinking about GMing an RP of my own. It's relatively easy for me to manage players and read through posts as a lot of my current work involves reading and managing basic tasks. Typing any post (including this post) is much more time consuming as I think heavily before anything I do and I am very meticulous. I may be thinking of looking for a co-GM who's more familiar with the current batch of RPers and to generally help run things smoothly.

The current ideas that I have:

1. A Pokerus outbreak RP in which players need to work together to explore the quarantined Kanto region in order to mass distribute the vaccine from Saffron City.

2. A Journey-type RP in which players will explore the region that Kanto was at war with according to the popular Gen 1 war theory. I've had this idea before Sun and Moon, but I came up with a similar concept as those games. Basically, the "Gym" challenge is more of a right of passage for the residents. Each gym represents a part of the region's economy. For instance, the flying gym represents the emerging tourism industry. The players are actually from Kanto and have been asked to participate in the gym challenge as a means of improving the relationship between these two regions. So there's going to be a variety of conflicts among the citizens of the region and the players :D I actually already have a very rough map of the region designed and have a few regional varient Pokemon designed in the back of my head.

3. The non-Pokemon RP. I developed this idea out of boredom while at work. The continent is divided into 4 parts based on the ideals of the people and with a playing card theme. This idea is also super fleshed out, but really lengthy to explain. The Hearts believe that you should follow after love, the Spades believe that you should be free to do whatever you desire, the Clovers believe that you should act according to what is natural, and the Diamonds believe that wealth is power. There's also a 5th emerging kingdom and I have a lot more fleshed into detailed as far as lore is concerned.

Let me know if any of these sound particularly interesting or maybe if someone would like to co-GM with me :3

Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.