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I've been wondering you guys get your SUs to look so fancy. I tried to beautify mine, but it was a fail whale.
The best way to learn the trade atm is by quoting other people's messages and seeing how they're put together.
Let me also confirm that this is the most efficient way of understanding PC's coding shenanigans. And like Junier, I also have absolutely no background in such technobabble but I think I'm getting decent.

Still, I realize it might be pretty overwhelming since PC's CSS is all about stacking a bunch of BB codes on top of each other. So I think a helpful tip is to understand that the different wrap codes you might see for CSS ([DIV], [CSS-DIV] [CD]) have no differenceat least, not to the point where it matters for formatting. Thus you can use these to organize specific tags so it's less confusing to look at. I typically use [CD] for text and [CSS-DIV] for the entire box for my app/post, just as an example.

Also, unless you really want to be super gimmicky, the best layouts are usually the simplest in both design and coding. Important aspects to keep in mind are color schemes and consistent borders. Text that's easy on the eyes is also more important than something that looks "cool".