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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post

Well, depending on how quickly Ricardo acts and what Vieve does next, she may still be in her own house when he enters. But yeah, you should carry your laptop with you. You have the pink pendant on your necklace - the SYLLADEX - where you can put the laptop without feeling its weight, you know!

BUT Vieve should connect to Vinnie and become his server player, not Ricardo's. Because it's more fun if you all interact in a chain. For the sake of the RP... and for the sake of SBURB actually.

But soon, Candice and Vieve are likely to start alchemizing stuff (if nothing else, just to get better weapons to fight intruders off with...) and then you can alchemize some kind of neatly portable computer to use Pesterchum through. Even though you will probably need a proper laptop in order to perform server duties. Let's say you can speak into Pesterchum and the program converts the sounds to text messages :3 that's gotta be how the Homestuck kids do it; they alchemized headsets, computer glasses, computer earmuffs and whatnot.

Am I making any sense? :3
Okay, okay I think I'm getting it and I totally forgot that I can put the laptop in the necklace, you just saved me. But yeah I'm not quite sure what alchemizing means but I'm sure that you can tell me when it becomes relevant. Vieve and Vinnie connecting should be great! I actually really like that idea.

Yeah, I'll be making a post soon(-ish) you'll just have to get me three hours or so. And I'll try not to make it boring for Vinnie because I want you to have some fun in this RP to.

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