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    Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
    Bleh, the elemental monkeys were like pseudo-starters and I always felt cheap picking one of them up to help me against the first Gym. I seriously hope Gen VI stops handholding us like Gen V did.
    Speaking of which, do you think Pansear and Chimchar could be related? Although I don't know how that would work out if GameFreak made Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour share a pre-evolution…

    Originally Posted by Zupplu View Post
    Hm, It makes me wonder why they didn't have the option before the game in BW2 in the first place. Yes, I'd love for the rivals to have tougher Pokemon and strategies. Maybe they could use revives like us for an improved strategies, as well has laying entry hazards and using combos like wish and protect.
    I hate 'Protect' combos! Don't let it happen, 'cause they usually annoy the crud out of me and are premonitions of my ultimate doom in most battles!

    Originally Posted by HRforges View Post
    It will be in the language of the country your in except Canada, there will be a French and English version for it.
    Actually, I'm pretty sure that owners of the American 3DS can change their system's language between American English, Latin-American Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese in their settings…

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    Ghouleon, Spookeon, Phanteon idk.. I'm sure they'll come up with something creative.
    I like 'Phanteon' best; it sounds cool!

    Originally Posted by sρεcтяα View Post
    It's improbable, but I'd like to see a more strategic use of weather, in terms of field alteration, or even just aesthetics. Say, using Rain Dance immediately after Sandstorm to turn the field to mud, which would benefit Water and Ground types and slow everything else down. Or using Sunny Day after Rain Dance to create a rainbow. It'd just be nice if there was actually a sign on the battlefield that there had actually BEEN a weather anomaly, rather than just the same standard background for that area.

    Taking that one step further in terms of aesthetics, I'd quite like to see some damage done to the surrounding area to reflect attacks, as well. Say something uses Flamethrower and misses...have it blast a nearby tree. Something uses Explosion and leaves a giant hole in the ground. It'd just be entertaining to see, and make battles more involving.
    And GameFreak could also take a leaf from the book of my younger brother, Henderson, and do the same thing with…wait for itPokémon following you. Imagine mobs of Diglett destroying a Pokémon Center's floor!

    Originally Posted by swiftgallade46 View Post
    Not sue if this has been said before. Does anyone think this generation will have the theme of genetics? I mean, look at the facts: the small rainbo DNA strip that appears on the Japanese game logos, Masuda's emphasis on evolution in his recent blog, the X and Y chromosomes, Xerneas is blue like the male symbol and Yveltal is Red like the female. (though, by no stretch does it look feminine and I know that every version mascot up to this point has had some relation to the colors red and blue)I hope that also means there will be many (pre)evolutions of old Pokemon since that is usually my favorite part of the new generations.
    Speaking of pre-evos, I want to know the evolutionary origins of all of the starters and mascots along with their relationships to other Pokémon (see Chimchar-'elemental monkey' link idea.) I also want to see other similar Pokémon linked together. The legendary Pokémon probably wouldn't participate in this evolution bonanza, though (sign…)

    Originally Posted by swiftgallade46 View Post
    Exactly. Actually, my friend and I had an argument about weather it would be about genetics or dimensions, but ( from a marketing standpoint) it would probably benefit Game Freak to just do both. also it's kind of hard to imagine what the third legendary or game(s) would represent in the case of genetics since there are only X&Y chromosomes...
    Actually, only mammals use the X/Y sex-determination system; birds use the Z/W one.
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