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Originally Posted by Otherworld9) View Post
I'm all in for it~ Sounds just as exciting to mix the characters up so the girls get to interact with the other guys, and vice versa. xD I'm ready for Act 2! Oh yes.

Since I always check out the OOC first, I have yet to see the main post and what world I might end up with..... :3
Your worlds might seem a little more generic than the Homestuck ones, but I wanted to give them a slightly deeper history and sliiightly more realistic consorts, so. These worlds are where most of the RP is likely to take place, after all. Unless you somehow end up on Prospit or Derse for the most part, or die, or break ALL THE rules like Rose (I won't allow that :< ) and who knows!

I provide the world and you shape the story now ;) Except for when I give you specific commands to make sure you have something to do, of course. And when I gotta make the NPCs behave according to the background plot.

Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
Lol, CLOYSTERSPRITE. I almost died when I read that.

And oh no. Meteors in Champs-Elysees.

How about some new questions for a new Act? Yeah! Thay sounds swell.

1. Retro and Otherworld, how do you like your world? Is it what you expected/were hoping for?
Drunk and Myself, what world do you hope for?

2. Why did you pick your location?

3. Red, do you feel left out in these questions? I can think of some for you too!


1. I want a world full moon rocks and stuff. Like moon terrain. Yeah, that sounds awesome.

2. I picked France because Vinnie is French! And Champs-Elysees is where the Count of Monte Cristo lived for most of the book. Originally I was going to do Marseilles, but Champs-Elysees sounds cooler.

3. I'm not Red! Silly.
Haha, you do know how to live up an OOC thread.

1 - If I was a player, I'd want Ricardo's world. Just sayin'. Oh, moon terrain? Well... at least Vinnie's world isn't too far from that ;D

2 - And if I would pick a location for my character, I'd probably have him / her being a Swede xD Or maybe a hyped up Japanese.

3 - Nah. Don't worry, I have so much fun in the IC thread and with commenting on you guys here ;D
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