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Woo! :D IC thread is up!

I really like how it looks, and I really like how the chapters are set up. It gives you a little story-setting and the does and don'ts. Simple, to the point, and with very little confusion. Just what I like.

I'm guessing now that it's up we can freely post? I'm interested to see what these new guys do. Not what they're going to do now, I expect they'll kidnap Oak, but what they do in general. I expected them to be like a slightly altered Team Rocket like in most RPs, but these guys have their own little flare. They kind of remind me of much more creepier bank robbers. You know the ones that wear the similar masks and knock over bank trucks. Unless their masks are much, much, much scarier and resemble the ones from Strangers. e.e *shudders*

Maybe they'll kill someone. Who knows! Looking forward to it, though. ;D
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