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Hey Mate I Would Like To Work As A Writer
Sample-The protagonist is an orphan boy living in the (first city) a professor visits them and give them the opportunity to help him in research, the protagonist and the rival(belonging to the orphanage) agree with the professor and decide to help the professor. They get their starters so they could progress their research. They are asked to do chores for the professor. While going to do the chores they find the evil team members bullying a boy for his Pokemon, they go help him and they get to know about the evil team. Then, the professor asks them to go around the region to collect badges from the towns, with each town including an additional task like to get some things, helo someone. While going on the way to the town with the 3rd gym they find the headquarters of the evil team. They decide barge in and collect info, they get to know that the evil team is trying to resurrect the legendary Pokemons. They have to be stopped so they confront the evil team multiple times throughout the game. At the last battle against the evil team leader they find out their parents are working for them and are the elites there. They don't know what to do. To support their parents or to help the legends, the rival takes the side of his parents while the protagonist helps the legendaries. A big clash takes place and as usual the protagonist wins and then goes to challenge the gym
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Right on, I'll consider you for a writing position.
By the way, the story will be more character driven