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For Supremacy

We live in a mutliverse, a conglomerate of of endless universes each governed by their own god or gods. You’d think that being a divine, near-omniscient being would never be dull but there’s not a lot for the gods to do at times but observe and talk… and talk they do.

Meetings between gods tend to quickly devolve into debates over who rules over the superior universe, and by extension who is the superior god. To end such squabbles, a method of determining the truth of the matter was developed. The gods would pit their universe’s greatest warriors against each other, keeping track of who beat who in a leaderboard. Thus the fight for supremacy begun.

  1. All PC and RPT rules apply.
  2. This RP is rate M on account of all the violence.
  3. I’m allowing you a lot of leeway really, but don’t godmod. Seriously, nobody should win every time.
  4. Battles between player characters should be done in JP format. In these posts, try and decide for yourselves who will win or lose. If for some reason you can’t, I’ll do it.
  5. There is no single setting for posts. You can set your battles in any kind of location you can think of. All of the multiverse is yours to play with.
  6. Try and remain active. This is a casual thing so I’m not going to start kicking people the minute they post a bit late, but aim to post at least once a fortnight. More frequently if you can manage.
  7. Have fun, that’s the big thing here.

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