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Thanks for stopping by to read and review!

If I were Tripp, I'd get a career change. But I guess he's only doing it for the money.
well, six figures certainly is a nice chunk of change, but there's also an element of fear at play. He probably doesn't want to end up like Dennis Franklin (dead) or Dirk Turner (huge target on his back).

And finally, Lisa gets to show off her driving skills! I don't know why, but I've always liked reading/watching car chases.
That's something I regret not having the opportunity to do during my first fic (as the whole concept of the Pokemon journey fic pretty much makes it impossible) but I'm certainly making up for it here :) I'm a very big fan of car chases too, though sadly my stories seem to be the only ones in the Pokemon fandom that have them...

Spectacular crash I like it.
Crashes that involve flipping over and blowing up are especially awesome :P

And those must be some pretty high-tech cars to have built-in shields and spike strips. The League must take crime-fighting seriously.
Definitely. More James Bond inspired trickery at work and in this day and age of corrupt super villains, being prepared with high tech vehicles and gadgetry is a definite plus xD

Ack, for the life of me I can't remember who Tom McCollum is.
Nah, he was created just for this story. Lisa's been on lots of missions, many of which I haven't even brainstormed. He's from one of those missions I haven't written about, so this is the first time writing about him.

So Lisa and company have taken down the henchmen, but there still remains the job of finding the ringleader... and something tells me Tobias won't be going down that easy.
They certainly won't be going down without a fight :)

Hmm... where are they planning to go, I wonder? I hope this won't launch an endless seuquence of Tobias taking over a region, making Red champion, then being chased out and moving to another one. Hehe.
Good question :P I'm not sure they know yet, actually; they might decide that once they get on their private jet. Clearly, if they aren't stopped here, they'll just continue this vicious cycle until someone does arrest them lol

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing how everything plays out! Specifically, I'm waiting for the part where a bunch of armed League agent bust in and take Red and Tobias into custody. But I don't think it'll be that simple... (more car chases perhaps? xP)
A bit longer... but however it's done, it's bound to be action-packed! Car chase might not be an option - Their Lamborghini could easily leave Lisa's car in the dust :P

Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed the chapter :)

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