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Notes: After numerous delays due to RL issues and waiting for various things, I finally present the epilogue to this story to finish it off!

Thanks to Haruka of Hoenn for proofreading/beta reading.

I'm going to rate this a G/PG because the violence/action scenes are over with, and the guys who used offensive language are in prison now :P



Quality Inn & Suites, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, October 28, 7:49 AM

In the breakfast area of this three story hotel just across the river from Charleston, Leaf and Lisa were sitting, with a plate of hot sausage and a bagel in front of Lisa. She was not in her regular outfit; rather she was wearing a red skirt similar to Leaf’s, along with black leggings and a purple T-shirt with an orange tiger paw on it. Both of the girls’ clothes were drenched in sweat.

Lisa took a sip from her cup of cranberry juice. “Whew, I’m whipped! But still, there’s nothing quite like an early morning jog on the Ravenel Bridge! The view of the harbor and historic downtown is incredible!”

“It might be my daily routine now, but I’m still awed by the view every time I go for my morning run!”

“Yeah, remember when I first took you over the bridge back in July when we were looking for a place for you to buy? Your jaw hit the ground upon seeing the view!”

Leaf smiled. “There’s certainly nothing like it in Kanto, that’s for sure! I’m glad to leave that place behind! Lisa, why don’t you get a place down here?”

The girl shrugged. “I’ve thought about it, but you know, I like where I live up in Fort Mill. I like being near the big city of Charlotte, and there it’s just a fifteen minute drive over the state line and you’re right in the heart of Uptown.”

“You always did like to be in the heart of the action. As for me, anything’s better than the boredom that is Pallet Town. I’m definitely enjoying meeting people and going places around here. But you know, there’s one thing that confuses me.”

“What is it?”

Leaf sighed. “Why are you staying here, Lisa? I know we stayed here while house hunting, but now my place is just down the road, and I would’ve gladly let you stay for free… I certainly have enough bedrooms.”

Lisa laughed. “You know me. I’ve never been the type to pass up a hotel stay…”

“Except when a corrupt CEO has his armed thugs patrolling every hotel in town, ready to shoot you on sight, right?”

Lisa laughed. “Oh, yeah! Well, that was a rare exception. Armed gunmen are enough to convince even me not to stay at a hotel, I admit it! But anyway, this place is a Gold Award winner and I’m working toward Elite status with their frequent guest program, so….”

“Okay. Well, are you ready to head over to my place? Unlike you, I can’t get their free breakfast since I’m not a guest, and I’m starving!”

Lisa bowed her head. “Sorry, but could I bring a change of clothes? These are my exercise clothes and I’d really like to change out of them!”

“All right. But only because we’re BFFs. But you’re changing at my place, okay? I’ll wait for you here.”

“Okay, thanks!” Lisa got up and headed to the elevator. After a few minutes, she returned to the table, a plastic bag in hand. “Alright, I’m ready! Can’t wait to see this car of yours!”

Leaf shrugged. “Oh, Lisa. I knew you liked cars, but this past mission showed me you’re downright fascinated with them!”

Her companion rubbed her head. “Well, what can I say? I think I got it from my parents!”

The pair laughed as they headed out to the hotel’s parking lot. Leaf led them to her car… a large blue Mercury Grand Marquis.

Leaf smiled. “Well, here’s my car. I named her ‘Ami.’ Like her?”

Lisa tilted her head in confusion. “Ami?”

“Yeah, you know. Because it’s blue, she’s blue. It’s a Mercury, she’s Sailor Mercury…”

Lisa let out a nervous laugh. “Oh, man, I can’t believe I didn’t get that! With all the anime I watch…”

Leaf put her left arm around her friend. “You must just be tired from your bridge run. I’ll let it slide this time!”

“Alright, I owe you. But anyway, she looks like a pretty nice ride! What year is she?”

“A 2010. Shame they don’t make them anymore. I know it’s not a classic or anything like your cars, but hey, it’s still big and comfortable. And in the end, isn’t that what matters?”

Lisa laughed. “You said it! Hey, my taste in cars might be rubbing off on you… just a bit, at least! Now we just gotta get you hooked on algebra…”

Leaf held up her hand. “No way! I draw the line at math!”

Lisa grinned. “Suit yourself, but you don’t know what you’re missing!”

Leaf’s House, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 9:15 AM

The outside of the palatial white mansion was designed in classic Southern plantation style, with a huge porch extending all the way around the large building. Huge glass windows and towering columns further added to the vintage charm and grace of the house. In front was an expansive green lawn, manicured to perfection. A black wrought-iron gate encircled the entire property.

Inside the grand plantation home, Leaf’s lavish living room was decorated with a crystal chandelier overhead as well as a brick fireplace and a piano. In a twist of irony, two Persians were laying on a Persian rug on the floor, sharing a large steak. The girls – now with Lisa in her familiar blue dress and green blouse – were seated on a sofa.

Leaf leaned forward. “Hey, Lisa, you never gave me an update on Red’s escape from prison.”

“Oh, didn’t I? I’m sorry! Well, you’ll be happy to know that he’s back in custody. You know how he escaped from a federal penitentiary in the Unova region, right? Well, apparently he decided to compete in some Pokémon battling tournament there. Though he wasn’t in the spotlight long – he was defeated in the first round pretty quickly – it was plenty of time for numerous witnesses to call in and report him. Officers from the area were quick to respond, but Red didn’t go down without a fight – one officer got a broken nose and another suffered a concussion before the other officers could subdue him. I think Lorelei said they had to give him the taser three times before he finally succumbed.”

Leaf’s jaw dropped “Wow, I cannot believe that! I mean, he should have known that one – he sucks at Pokémon battling, and two – showing up in a public place like that is just begging for someone to spot and report him.”

“Weird thing is, he didn’t even try to disguise himself. He was wearing almost the same clothes he did when we fought him, which was a stupid move on his part. Of course, it’s him… what did you expect? Well, anyway, he’s back in custody now, with an extra fifteen years added to his sentence. He won’t be eligible for parole until he’s… eighty-three years old now, I think.”

“It’s funny though, he became a two time loser in the span of only a couple minutes there… I’d almost feel sorry for the guy if he wasn’t a complete scumbag. That must’ve been a really bad day for him. Then again, he’s been a loser his whole life; he should be used to it by now.” The two girls laughed. “Well, I hope they have him in a more secure prison now.”

Lisa smiled. “Don’t worry. He’s been transferred to our Citadark SuperMax Federal Penitentiary – which is pretty much our version of Alcatraz. Nobody has escaped from there since we converted the island into a prison.”

“Always good to hear. I hope Red likes it there in solitary confinement – he’s got many years of it to look forward to!”

“So, Leaf, any plans on what you want to do from here on out? Just enjoy a really early retirement? Cause with the settlement you got, along with your money from your time as Champion, you certainly could. Heck, I could retire now and live comfortably for life, but I’d probably get bored.”

“Well… I was going to just retire here, but then my plans changed. Anyway, what if I told you that when I’m a few years older, I’d like to work for SLED?”

“I’d then ask you whether you’d be a field agent or work in their forensic lab.”

Leaf laughed. “I should’ve figured you’d know, since you’re from South Carolina and you’re into law enforcement! But yeah, I think that mission we were on in Kanto really ignited some sort of passion for law enforcement within me. I mean, when I battled Team Rocket, I just felt like I was going through the motions… but the whole deal with Red gave me a real appreciation for what you do… and it’s certainly not boring! But I really don’t want to work with the Pokémon League… I’m trying to separate myself from Kanto after they screwed me over. So I figured, I’m going to be in South Carolina, I have this burning desire to get into law enforcement, so why not work for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.”

“Hey, sounds like a great plan to me! But you might consider working as a State Trooper instead. The Highway Patrol has a substation in Charleston; SLED’s main headquarters is in Columbia so you’d probably have to move there if you took a job with them.”

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. But you know, it’s funny. When I told my mom back in Pallet I was going to apply at SLED, she thought I was going to join a bobsled team!”

Both girls laughed. “Oh, man, that’s too funny! But really, that sounds like a great career choice! I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventures here in the Palmetto State!”

Leaf said, “But you know, a part of me also wants to be a college girl – you know, live on campus, hang out with friends, maybe even earn a degree…” Both girls laughed. She continued, “During my training post-losing the championship, I also took enough classes online to get Kanto’s equivalent of a high school diploma, so I think I could apply at any time.”

Lisa said, “Hmmm… I don’t see why not, though you might want to wait till you’re eighteen to attend. I was like eleven when I attended, and while I had a good time, it was still a bit tough since everyone was quite a bit older.”

“Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense.”

“And of course, you know what school I want you to attend,” Lisa said as she took a plastic laundry bag and pulled out her T-shirt from earlier, showing her friend the distinctive logo on it. “Same place I attended a decade ago.”

Leaf smiled. “Well, Clemson is clear on the other side of the state, but if you enjoyed your time there, who am I to argue?”

“You’re right about that!” said Lisa. The girls shared another laugh. “Okay then, what else can we discuss?”

They looked down at their Persians, now snoozing contently. Leaf said, “You know, maybe it’s my imagination but I actually think Persian has a distinct taste for luxury and the finer things in life.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. During my journey, mine was perfectly content with eating canned Pokémon food you get at the Pokémon Marts. But now… I think her favorite dish is filet mignon. With a side of fresh Maine lobster. Honestly, she eats better than I do much of the time!”

“Oh, wow, mine’s not up to that level yet, but she definitely won’t eat anything besides fresh, hot meat.”

“Oh well, I guess that’s the trade-off for training the most elegant Pokémon of all. They certainly do have refined – and very expensive – tastes!”

“You know,” said Leaf, “we’re so much like twin sisters now that it’s kinda scary… we both have Persians, we’re both into law enforcement, we’re both here in South Carolina…”

“But I’ve still failed to get you interested in math.”

“Yeah, and as I said at the hotel, it ain’t gonna happen! I know enough to keep track of my finances; I’ll let you handle the high level math for the both of us. But back to the point, it is kinda weird how similar we are… though I blame the whole South Carolina thing, as well as the car thing, on you. Normally, I wouldn’t have given either a second thought, but you can be a very convincing person.”

“Hey, I try my best, what can I say?” Lisa’s cell phone started ringing. “Hey, let me check this, okay?” Lisa opened her phone and read a text message. Lisa quickly typed up a message before closing the phone. “Sorry, that was my friend Sadie. She just sent me a quick update on what she’s been doing. ”

“No, that’s fine. Gotta keep in touch with your friends, right?”

“Always. I’d like to have her visit South Carolina sometime – she’s never been here and I think she’d like seeing the sights and of course meet you! I think you two would get along great!”

“Well, I’ll certainly be looking forward to meeting her, then! Just let me know!”

Lisa stood up. “Anyway, since I’m on vacation now, I’d like to head out later. There’s a shopping mall in North Charleston with my name on it. No, it literally has my name on it.”

Leaf rubbed her chin. “Oh yeah, I have heard advertisements for Northwoods Mall a few times since moving here. Is your family involved with it?”

Lisa laughed. “No, my parents don’t own or manage it or anything. Just a little naming coincidence, I guess!”

“Well, Lisa, if we’re gonna head there, we better do it soon. Traffic can get pretty nasty during the day, both on the 526 and up on I-26 by Ashley Phosphate Road near the mall.”

“Let’s go now, then!” Lisa pumped her fist in the air. “It’s decided!”

Leaf laughed. “Sounds like a great plan to me! We’ll take my car.”

A huge grin formed on Lisa’s face. “Well, girl, let’s get to it!”


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