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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    Haha we'll see what strange kind of imps will attack her now...

    Now, it's time to end Act 1.

    EDIT: Listen up. In Act 2, the server players will become client players and vice versa. Just because it's more fun to link everyone together, Vieve will become Vinnie's server player and Candice will become Ricardo's. I hope that's fine with you guys?

    BUT! Candice and Vieve are still client players as well. They have to navigate in their own worlds now, while simultaneously acting as server and building things for the boys. And soon, the server talents of the boys will be needed to assist the girls again. It's a double team business. Think you can manage? ;) I think as long as you don't force yourself to write about everything at once, you will do fine. Unless you feel really writey~
    I'm all in for it~ Sounds just as exciting to mix the characters up so the girls get to interact with the other guys, and vice versa. xD I'm ready for Act 2! Oh yes.

    Since I always check out the OOC first, I have yet to see the main post and what world I might end up with..... :3
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