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Ricardo's world was one I always knew I wanted to include in an RP like this, but it's not got Basalt and Lava, too bad ;D I picked Ricardo for it because of something mentioned in his SU... gosh, why do you make me spoil things? No more! Anyways, it's not better than any of the other worlds.

That drug lord sprite can become a cool ally in the Medium. Hey, Candice won't really have to prototype it with something living, if drunk is going with that plan. She can prototype just about anything, really. Right?

3. "But I think I'm perfectly content with being the Game Master and pull all strings and it's so incredibly fun to read what you guys come up with! Don't be afraid to trrrry and bend SBURB's rules a liiiiittle! It'll be more challenging for me, but will probably lead to a more interesting RP than if you were completely predictable!"

I'm making a post in the IC now.
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