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    xD, when I looked at Fenne-kun's story, I liked all the facts, I think I was just disturbed because this "you become evil" thing is just not my style. Later, I thought that we should take the one most accepted by the whole team. Okay, since now JNathan is developing ideas too, you can take your conversations to PMs, and discuss the storyline, okay?

    As for Pepster98, I think you'll surely be accepted, but I'll leave it to Ace to decide your roles.

    Team Report:
    I'll leave it to you guys. I really don't know where the current IPS is, so I'll assume we're starting anew. I think we'll start with naming the first town. After you've finalised the first part of the story, the scripts and maps will start! Until then, we'll just work on sprites and the Fakedex.

    Just one...
    What is the region name? All of you guys rack your heads and think up a creative name...