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Every once in a while I'll write a little side thing that can't really go in the IC without looking messy with everything else, so from now on I'll put those things here. Everyone else is free to do the same if they come up with random, perhaps even non-canon stories and interactions involving their characters or the world.


The plant creature mindlessly flipped through the radio channels as Sarah rushed to finish the day's paperwork. It was late and the rest of the guild had already gone to sleep. Normally she'd be asleep as well, but she hadn't expected this work to be so much... work, and had regrettably put a lot of it off for later.

The radio was mostly background noise so she wouldn't fall asleep reviewing what felt like the hundredth stupid request. It was nice to see that so many people were coming to the guild for help already, but did they really need a wizard to help them clean their rooms or fetch their groceries? Whatever. It was her job, so she had to deal with it.

She probably shouldn't have been expending energy on a minion, but the radio was on the other side of the room and she couldn't be bothered to get up. She listened to the channels as it went through them. Too soft, it'll put me to sleep. Too jumpy, it's really distracting. Ugh, what even is this one? Eventually she gave up the search for the perfect station and settled on an inoffensive talk show, even if she didn't actually pay attention to the show itself. It was just background noise, after all.


“–halfway to the games now, and this year is looking to be the biggest one yet. I’m your host, Jim Allman, joined today by my co-host Daryl Urich and our special guest, Sorcerer Weekly’s own Joan Halls. How are you doing today, Joan?”

“GMG season is coming up soon, and I couldn’t be more excited, Jim. Everyone is looking for new members to shake things up, and there’s already a few standouts.”

“Before we get into that, we should start with the big question. Is Gryphon Gale gonna come out on top again this year? So far Egan Lynch has been absolutely unstoppable, and all the other members excel at both offense and defense, with the magic power to back it up. Four years, people. Four years! Does anyone stand a chance?

“Well Jim, at the moment all eyes are on the Chimeras after last year’s incredible finale that was Egan Lynch versus Tiran Enabosk. There’s even people saying that Tiran is stronger than Egan, if you can believe that!”

“You rooting for the Chimeras, Daryl?”

“Tiran is definitely impressive, but I can’t say the same for the others. Malk is a one-trick pony, Nilli can’t play with the team, and the others might as well not even be there. Fox is the only other Chimera worth a damn. They’ll need some new blood if they wanna take home the trophy this year. It’s not like their master is gonna work up the members they already have.”

“You say all that, but they still made it to second last year, even above the more well-rounded spirits. And in our recent interview with him, Enabosk said he’d come up with an even stronger spell than his Lightning Spear. You don’t think that’s enough?”

“Enabosk doesn’t need to be working on new spells, he needs to work on what he’s already got! Last year he only lost because he ran out of ether before Lynch, it didn’t matter that he could finally get through his armor!”

“What about Tavidell?”

“What about Tavidell? Her whole guild’s just been doing worse every year. Sure, she was impressive the first year, but I’m starting to think that was all because of Celia Burgess, not her. It’s a real shame she left.”

“I think that’s a good segue into all the newbies Joan mentioned. There’s been talk of a new member that’s gone and kicked the Sirens’ asses in gear. Natalie Oaks, right?”

“Oh yeah, I heard about that. Picked a fight with an S-Class on her first day. Heard Tavidell kicked her ass, but she didn’t make it easy. It’d be nice for Gildas to have something to cheer for, but they’ve been slacking for so long that I can’t imagine them suddenly shooting to the top after a little extra effort. Not without getting Burgess back, anyway.”

“Especially when the Gryphons have newbies of their own. Simon Jules and Harmonia. Harmonia’s only been on a couple of jobs, though, and we haven’t seen anything from Jules.”

“Jules is just a kid, he probably won’t be taking any spots on the team for a couple years, maybe. And I’ve heard that Harmonia isn’t bad, but I still don’t like her.”

“Is this about the magitech again?”

“Of course it’s about the magitech. I didn’t like it when it was just magitech weapons, and I sure as hell don’t like it when someone’s walking around in a full suit of it! I watch the games to see wizards showing off their skills, and pushing a button on a piece of magitech doesn’t exactly take skill. Unless they ban it, it’s only a matter of time before you don’t stand a chance without it.”

“But it’s not just ‘pushing a button’, is it? I think magitech is good for the health of the games. Nobody who’s at the top right now uses any magitech, do they? It’s more to help the people at the bottom be competitive sooner, so we can see more fresh faces every year.”

“Well I don’t want to see those faces if they haven’t earned their places on the team.”

“Can we get back on topic?”

“Oh, right. Newbies, yeah?”

“Let’s talk about the whole guild of newbies. What does everyone think of Phoenix Nest?”

“Well there’s not much I can say when they haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t heard of any of their members besides Myeloch Latare, and masters aren’t allowed to join the games. And Myeloch’s been gone for what, like forty years, give or take a few?”

“He’s the stuff of legends, though. Surely if it’s his guild we can expect a lot, can’t we?”

“I mean yeah, he’s the strongest wizard ever if you can believe the history books. But if you can believe the history books, he’s also a pacifist. Yvonne Avila takes on her Gryphons herself all the time for training, but something tells me Myeloch won’t be turning his members into fighting machines the same way.”

“It’s not just about fighting, though. Latare invented the pillars of magic. Maybe his guild will just end up really good at magic? You mentioned last year’s finals. It didn’t end up that way just because Lynch had a bigger ether pool. It’s because he’s more efficient. He’s better with the pillars.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If they’re real contenders for the top, I’m sure we’ll here more about them soon.”
I'll put something cool here eventually.