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✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.

✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.

✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE.

: r...e...d...u...x

this is the OOC thread - HERE IS THE IC THREAD
A strangely dramatic view and cryptic text comprises the front of the game you just received in the mail. It is called CHESS but it is a computer game and not a tabletop game. Inside, you find a thin leaflet telling you that CHESS will challenge gaming as humanity knows it by featuring both creating and building, hack'n'slash killing, adventurous mysteries and the most vivid and challenging roleplaying since the days of text games.

Unsuspecting or not, you eventually do install the game and attempt to play it together with other seemingly random people across the world who have received a similar copy of CHESS from an anonymous sender. Little do you know that this game is the only chance for you and your newfound friends to survive the apocalypse that the very existence of the game brought about in the first place...

Without disclosing too much, this is the most advanced game ever created. It will take a little while before you understand that, though.

When you first install CHESS, you have to choose an available COLOR to represent you. The introduction phase of the game will then give you tasks to perform on the screen before a time counter runs out. If you do this right, you will begin the game of true CHESS. But you are in for a surprise...

All of a sudden, you are not controlling a character on the screen anymore - you are living the game as the player, yourself. You have stepped into a world of health bars, character stats and skills, a world which you cannot escape. Once you have entered the game of CHESS, you have to keep playing. Or perish.

You will explore LANDS, learn to fight, awaken supernatural ASPECTS, attach a whole new meaning to DREAMING, ALCHEMIZE the most extraordinary or crazy items imaginable and probably befriend TALKING ANIMALS. All while trying your best to ROLEPLAY to fit your given role and grow in LEVELS and stay alive as well as stay friends with the other PLAYERS in the game. You are all swimming in the same boat now, so to speak.

But what is the true purpose of CHESS?
What really happened to the Earth you left behind?
And can you handle the truth? The truth about the UNIVERSE itself.
That this is not just a game, but at the same time,
everything always was.


This is a remake and remix of a previous RP of mine, called CHECKMATE. As such, it is based on the same thing but will be very different and much more adapted for people who have never heard of Homestuck. Both in playstyle, details and plot. I will be a player of my own but also control some other important characters.

It might seem a bit similar to Sword Art Online too, since the players will be stuck inside a game and have an inventory, levels and skill sets.

It will be divided into a number of ACTS. If a player leaves mid-act, spots will open up for replacements with new characters in a pause in between the acts. There might be new OOC or IC threads for each acts, we'll see.

At the end of the introduction phase, the game will assign each player a class judging from how they have acted and performed. Using what is stated below as base ground, you are free to develop the interpretation of your class a little. You will get to choose your class OOC but your character will not get to choose IC. Explanations to classes:

MAGE - focuses on altering things and bringing about changes, both literally and metaphorically. Gains bonus for using their aspect (magic). The dramatic class.

PRIEST - focuses on information, knowledge and advising. Bonus for intricate planning. Bonus for complicating things :) The enlightened class.

KNIGHT - focuses on attacking and offense, being rather straightforward about things. Simply put, bonus for attacking. The offensive class.

BARD - focuses on protecting, aiding and helping. Bonus for acts of defense. The defensive class.

ROGUE - focuses on stealth and displacement of things. Bonus for stealing, in any way. The shadowy class.

SMITH - focuses on alternatives and possibilities, being inventive and creative. Bonus for exploring. The unpredictable class.

In case you wondered, yes you will be assigned an ASPECT as well, meaning a type of magic. But I will decide what magic you get, judging from what type of character you make and what title and color you choose. Maybe I'll give you some hand in it too, we'll see. All will be clear in due time!


1 - Follow all the PC and Roleplay Corner rules or I'll send Skymin on you.

2 - The rating is M. Even if entering a game, meeting aliens and playing with magic feels surreal, it would be nice if you were playing rather realistically. Please refrain from describing gore, injuries or "romantic" actions with detail though.

3 - Be careful not to godmod. Maybe you do want your character to succeed in everything they do, but the RP doesn't really become challenging and fun that way. Let your friends save your butt sometimes!

4 - Be polite and nice OOC. I have the final word on everything, for the sake of organisation. If there is anything about the RP, the world or CHESS you do no understand, please ask in the OOC thread because others might wonder the same thing.

5 - Reservations last for a few days and you may reserve a COLOR, a CLASS and what GENDER you'd like. Take your time to think up an interesting character but don't drag things out for too long.

6 - If you become unable to post for a while, notify the GM. Also, if you want to drop out of the RP for any reason, you have to notify the GM. If you just leave without giving an explanation, I will be really sad :) And your character will be killed :D


Name: (first and last)
Gender: (male or female. I want genders as balanced as possible for the 6 characters)
Color: (what color do you want representing you in CHESS? if it's not a common color, please provide hex code)
Class: (choose between MAGE, KNIGHT, ROGUE, BARD, PRIEST, SMITH)

Age: (14-16, let's be relatively same-aged teenagers, shall we? That age where you're not quite grown up, but also no longer really a kid)
Home: (city/area and country/region of world)
Family: (list your family members living with you and any pets!)
Theme song: (if you want. I'll be linking to it now and then ^^)

Good personality traits: (state at least 3 personality traits that you think are positive and define your character)
Bad personality traits: (state at least 2 personality traits that you think are negative and define your character)
Interests and hobbies: (state at least 3 major things that you love doing in your spare time. Be creative!)

Appearance: (what do you look like? Body, style of clothing, face, hair etc. Include a picture if you want, but I'll still demand a full written description)

First post: (This shall be a freshly written text about the character you are going to be, and this will likely have a great influence on whether you'll get a spot or not. Write about being at home or arriving at home and somehow fetching or getting the CHESS game package from the mail. Include detailed description of your home. Mention all of the people and pets living with you. Mention all the hobbies or interests that you stated above. Also, you will here have the chance to display the personality and hint at some history of your character if you want to flesh that out before we begin the actual RP. NOTE: do not install the game yet.)


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