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I'll review Vinnie's SU later today, hopefully ^^ Nice to see you have it up so soon!

As for now, I'll just change my color reservation to blue, to even things out since we had yellow, red and brown on top of my orange :D

EDIT: @ Lt Col - okay. Vinnie is all good and you can actually let stuff be written in the leaflet or on the package or something - it doesn't even have to be the same thing written on every copy of the game! Each copy can be somewhat unique, actually.

But, you did not purchase this game. And no NPCs get the game. An anonymous (for now) sender mailed the game to each one of the players, the RPers' main characters. No other people will receive the game until more players join in the case of dropouts (which I hope won't happen of course!). There will be paradox-space reasons for this later.

Told you this wasn't canon Homestuck in every matter :)

So please change it so that Harrison doesn't know about the game ^^
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