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    Kiki wandered into the cafeteria and looked around. A cluster of students was gathered at a large wall looking at something. Kiki also began to hear whispers of Team Rocket here and there, but paid them no mind. She spotted a familiar face and pounced, grabbed her friend Shawn into a hug.

    "Shawn!! There you are! Where were you last night? What happened? Me and Andy ran into this weird girl with white hair, but she was mean. I found my dorm! Do you like my jacket? It's new! Here, could you hold Cynder for me? I'm hungry!" she said in a blur, thrusting the startled mouse into Shawn's arms an dashing away before he could even utter a protest, snatching up a plate of eggs.


    Brian stopped in his dorm an saw a news report of the TM store blowing up and the Rocket spies. That sent chills down his spine. Spies, here? Posing as students? They could be anywhere! anyone! His grip tightened on Sprinkles, who was still pouting that he looked like a girl now, she Brian shivered. Leena, Duster, and even Sprinkles, who until now had acted like he hated Brian, looked at him with concern.

    "Bri?" Duster asked.

    "Hey, human, what's got you so worked up, hmm?" Sprinkles asked as well. Brian ignored them. Anyone... Even his friends? Could mark, or Valorie, or even Skye be spies here? Thyme scowled and bit his ear roughly.

    "O-ow! Thyme, what was that for?!" Brian said, jumping with startlement. Thyme hissed at him

    "Oi! Wake up Brian! Take a look around!" thyme said, gesturing at all the little groups of students that had formed, now giving each other long glances filled with mistrust.

    "This is what the Rocket's want Brian, to make us all weak. T make us doubt each other. They work like Team Plasma did, through fear and deceit. They put wedges between friends and tear them apart. Then they take what they want." Thyme said knowingly. Brian nodded. Yeah... He needed to trust his friends now, more than ever.

    "Yeah Thyme. Let's talk to everyone after class, ok?" Brian said after a moment. Then he set Sprinkles down and looked at the four pokemon.

    "Thyme, Sprinkles, Duster, Leena, would you guys please find Valorie, Skye, Mark, Ciel, and anyone else you can think of? Ask them to come and meet up after class in Oak Town, at that Smoothie shop? You remember right Thyme?" Brian said quietly. Thyme nodded thoughtfully.

    "Of course Brian. Come on now." Thyme said, walking away. Sprinkles growled and walked to Brian.

    "I just started to like you and you send me away!?" he growled. Brian picked the eevee up and smiled warmly.

    "Not if you don't want to go." he said, walking towards his class.
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