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Hey there Sam! Welcome to PC! My name's Aaron, pleased to meet ya. You can also call me Kouzan as a nickname if you like. :)

We are the Pokecommunity so you'll definitely find people to talk about Pokemon here! I'm pretty excited for X and Y as well. I think they will end up being amazing games and I love how breathtaking the graphics are. I personally like Fennekin the most, but Chespin's also cute so I can't decided which one I want to choose! I usually pick the grass-starter so I might just pick Chespin to stay with that tradition or Fennekin just cause it's so awesome! As for the legendary's I love Yveltal (or the box mascot for Y) cause it's so cool though Xerneas (X) is really majestic as well.

While I'm not Cirno, I personally myself recommend the 5th Gen games. I honestly didn't like a lot of the new Pokemon at first, given a few that I did. But once I played the games, they grew on me and now I love them all. Plus the story of Black and White is fantastic in my opinion. Probably the best story so far. So I definitely recommend getting Black or White first and then Black 2 or White 2.

Have a nice time here. If you would just like to chat feel free to drop me a visitor's message! See you around!
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