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Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
I'm not really sure why you've chosen to post this right now. What do we have to go at? There's a premise and a couple of character names, but other than that, it's empty. There's not enough to be able to speculate about what's in the game, and while it's well laid-out, the concept of having "ancient pillars" is hardly revolutionary, and sending teenage trainers off to travel around is the tried and tested formula.

It feels like you've posted this prematurely. We need more to go at.

Also, I'm curious as to how my name's ended up in the credits?
If I wanted to give you the full synopsis, I would have written it and saved you each and every minute you would spend actually playing through and discovering the plot yourself. 'grats champ. PM me if you want me to save you some time, or you can be left to assume and let your ideas flow and maybe even intrigue yourself into playing to see what the mystery is about.

It is a game set in a Pokemon world, if you want revolutionary, you should be looking somewhere else, 'specially when you are basing it off the fact that the plot has not been handed to you on a silver platter.

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