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    Joseph observed the entire city after the annoucements of the contest as he had to squint his eyes in sight of all the neon. The trainer's rush into the city, heading into the local Casino's and Arcades while the hungry go into the local restaurant's. A small Delibird is seen carrying around a platter of drink's it's pulling from it's bag to serve it's denizens fresh alcohol and juice. At the center of the city, An ad runs on the massiv eTV advertising 'LAZER RAYCE!' Which looked like a combination of Tron and Mario Kart, shoved together... and the cart's wall's don 't fall or reset until they finish a lap. Joseph Squints his eye's, unable to deal with the issue, he make's his way for the Love Hotel, Smoochum's Playroom. Inside, 9he register's with the front desk that he's a trainer checking in alone. They give him a room Key as Caboose wanders off to the nearby Buffet and start's stuffing his face with the spread while piling food ontop of it's head. "Hey, hey, HEY, HEY! Caboose! Stop eating all the-! Too tired to argue..." HE release's Blaze from his ball and request's him to get Caboose; Though he joins Caboose in the feast. He ask's the same of Static, though Static joins the other 2. "oh COME O-" Caboose stuffs a banana in his mouth and put's a grape soda in his hand while pushing him back into a couch in the hotel Foyer. Joseph gives a glare before he give's up, eat's the fruit while watching his team stuff their faces.

    Joseph got up as the 3 finish up, leaning back satisfied and begin following him up into the room. The bedroom didn't have anything extreme with the exception of the heart-shaped bed and red sofa. The VHS case was stocked with plenty of movies from out east, everything from Primeape-Zilla to Frankenstein starring mostly Pokemon. Jospeh steps into the bathroom, showers and start's wrapping a headband around his forehead to hide his scar as he get's dressed into more appropriate city wear and start's walking out, leaving his team to sleep. He steps out looking for the local poke'mart, which was difficult seeing as there was a casino or bar within every 5 steps, though he located it, stocking up on pokeballs before walking out and making his way back to a hotel.

    He looked up at the Earth and Sky Ad and wondered if he should participate in the contest's hunt while looking for what he was intending to find while he was out here.

    To Move onto Day, A majority of participants must retire to a hotel.

    Blaze :: Good - Caboose :: Good - Static :: Good
    ::Chapter 1 - To Ignea!:: 99%


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