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Originally Posted by Mario_Bones View Post
Ah, that's how you get free space to work. Thanks a bunch!
EDIT: I tried it, and inserted a sprite over Mudkip in Ruby. When I chose the Pokemon in Birch's bag, the game froze... What do I do?
EDIT2: I used the Free Space you used in your tutorial and it worked fine. I think the Free Space that I got from Free Space Finder may have been wrong or something. How do I use a Hex Editing Program to find free space?
no idea why it does that, sorry. :\
Also, I am not using Free Space Finder.
I clearly stated how to use a hex editor in the tutorial.

Originally Posted by jamieboy30 View Post
nice tutorial!, but I have a bit of a problem... when i try to insert a lucario sprite (indexed, 64x64) over the gulpin one in firered, all it changes is the palette, not the actual sprite...any help?
Yes, it doesn't replace the sprite.
Have you tried meeting up with Gulpin(or rather, Lucario) in the game?

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