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    Defeat the Elite Four + the Champion with just 1 Pokemon! Can you do it? How many times? Under what circumstances? With what Pokemon, on what Leagues? Have you done it before?
    Here, we can have some sort of a database-challenge crossover of soloing the Elite Four & Champion.

    -You may bring only 1 Pokemon. You cannot bring any other Pokemon, even if it's just to switch in so you can use an item. This is not allowed; only 1 Pokemon may be brought. The others must not be in your party at all, but in your box.
    -Items are allowed to be used. But, as previously stated, you may not bring other Pokemon to use so you can heal. (This also means Revives will be useless, as you can't use them without at least a 2nd Pokemon.) If you use items, please say so.
    -You must do so in one setting; no saving in between trainers. If you do save, it will not count. This is to prevent people from saving before, and losing over and over until they win. This is not allowed. You must defeat them all in a row without losing. No saving in-between members. Be honest here.
    -No cheating, and/or hacking (*view last sentance as well). This means all Pokemon must be legit, along with moves and stats. Gameplay cheats such as speed enhancements, etc. are requested to not be used. (Emulators are not prefered and are discouraged.) Traded Pokemon, of course, are allowed (and so is migrating); but Pokemon obtained via hacking are not allowed to be used. Please be honest here.
    -Despite the no hacking rule, you can hack in a different Pokemon as a starter @ level 5, this is allowed. It will, though, instead be registered in the hacked section.
    -For the Kanto (FireRed+LeafGreen), Johto (HeartGold+SoulSilver), Sinnoh (Platinum), and Unova, it would be the 2nd time through, the rematch. So that would be after the Sevii Islands, after 16 badges, and after obtaining the National Pokedex respectively. The 1st time through doesn't count.
    -You may only enter 2 times per pokemon per region. So you can't enter with 5 Venusaurs on the Sinnoh league. The 2 that will count will be your best one with and without items.

    Format to Submit:
    -Tell your username: Poke Communtiy and in-game.
    -Tell what Pokemon you won with.
    -Tell which Elite Four and Champion you beat (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova).
    -Tell what game you did it with.
    -Tell the level of the Pokemon used.
    -Tell if your Pokemon was hacked in or obtained legitly.
    -Tell if items were used or not.

    -This is only the Elite Four and Champion, not the Gyms.
    -Remeber, items can be used, as long as one Pokemon is taken. If they are, please say so.
    -You aren't allowed to give your Pokemon a held item if doing it without items. However, if your Pokemon has an ability or move that allows it to obtain an item while still within the Elite Four & Champion and without you giving it anything, than it may use that. But only held items your Pokemon has gained within the battles, not that you've given to it, may be used.
    -Fill in the submit format if you want to be listed, or you may not.
    -Feel free to elaborate on your miny adventure, and tell how it went.
    -Remember, this is for the 2nd time only with Kanto (FireRed+LeafGreen), Johto (HeartGold+SoulSilver), Sinnoh (Platinum), and Unova.
    -Let's see how many Pokemon we get beat them with! They will be listed in National Pokedex order.
    -Emulators are strongly discouraged. The only reason emulators are allowed at all is because some of the older games' batteries may have died, so that the save battery doesn't work and such. In those cases only I'd allow people to use an emulator that is an exact copy of the official game. But it is still requested that they aren't used.
    -I may ask to confirm certain things before entering you,
    -Please be honest.
    -Good luck.

    Legitly obtained Pokemon

    Charizard (1) [1 - Jobrjo/JOBRJO ; Lv. 100 ; Items used ; FireRed]
    Blastoise (1) [1 - The Opera Ghost/ADAM ; Lv. 96 ; Items used ; Red]

    Alakazam (1) [1 - myrrhman/ZERO ; Lv. 86-87 ; Items not used ; Silver]
    Gengar (1) [1 - myrrhman/A ; Lv. 66-69 ; Items Used ; Silver]
    Dragonite (1) [1 - MDL/ZACHARY ; Lv. 84-87 ; Items used ; SoulSilver]
    Meganium (1) [1 - myrrhamn/A ; Lv. 52-57 ; Items used ; Gold]
    Xatu (1) [1 - myrrhman/A ; Lv. 64-67 ; Items used ; Gold]
    Bellossom (1) [1 - bewbs/CHLOBO ; Lv. 100 ; Items used ; SoulSilver]
    Politoed (1) [1 - myrrhman/A ; Lv. 56-60 ; Items used ; Gold]

    Blaziken (1) [1- adrianyogi/ADRIAN ; Lv. 100 ; Items used ; Sapphire]
    Swampert (1) [1 - Mockingjay/JESSI ; Lv. 96 ; Items used ; Ruby]


    Ninetales (1) [1 - bewbs/WHOPPI ; Lv. 100 ; Items used ; Black]
    Meganium (1) [1 - bewbes/WHOPPI ; Lv. 100 ; Items used ; Black]
    Eelektross (1) [1 - bewbs/WHOPPI ; Lv. 92-97 ; Items used ; Black]


    Hacked-in Pokemon

    Snorlax (1) [1 - myrrhman/BLACK ; Lv. 75-77 ; Items used ; Red]

    Blastoise (1) [1 - The Opera Ghost/ADAM ; Lv. 76-78 ; Items used ; Crystal]

    Golduck (1) [1 - Buzz Buzz/HAN ; Lv. 69-72 ; Items used ; Ruby]



    In regards to being similar to the solo run thread:
    1) This is not a solo-run. People can beat the game with a complete Pokedex if they want. This is really something for them to do after the game is complete. This is just and only for beating the Elite Four & Champion.
    2) It's more than a challenge. A challenge is for beating the game. This is more of something to do afterwards; something to train your Pokemon for. This will also serve as a database, so someone can go, "Oh, someone beat the Johto League with a Venusaur! Let me train up my Blastoise and see if I can do the same!" and such. They may try to do it with the same Pokemon, but with lower levels or no items. The possiblities are immense. It would be great if we could try to beat them all with each Pokemon- who knows how far we could get!

    Basically, this is largely an end-game quest; something to do after having beat the game. It also serves as a compendium, as well as a place where people can attempt to top someone else. It's almost like a mini-challenge.