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Posted June 8th, 2019
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Akiru Marufuji / Male / 18 Years Old

Name: Akiru Marufugi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pacifidlog Town

Appearance: Akiru’s a healthy height and build for his age; 5’11 with lightly toned arms and legs, born from years of swimming and surfing. His hair, which seems a silverly tone in some light, and a pale blue in others, slides down to right below his shoulder blades, with untamed, jagged edges and bangs that fall a little too close to his eyes, but what are you going to do? There’s no barber shops on Pacifidlog. Akiru’s eyes are that bothersome (his word) shade of blue that can come off as grey-blue, green-blue, or deep-blue, depending on what he’s wearing.

History: Akiru was born and raised on the tiny, far off island of Pacifidlog Town, an insignificant speck on the map of Hoenn that barely constitutes being called a town, and likely only draws any attention to itself whatsoever due to the fact that it’s...floating on logs (because someone thought this was a good idea). As one can imagine, not a lot of people want to subscribe to the log-lifestyle, thus Akiru has had very limited interactions with people throughout his life, and limited experiences...there’s not a lot to do on a town of logs cast out in the middle of the ocean.

Akiru’s parents divorced when he was a young child, too young to hold many memories of the situation, merely the vague idea that ‘it was a messy time.’ His mother, still burdened by said messy divorce, is somewhat of a shut in, while his father (and mistress) relocated to Oldale town, where Akiru was sent for all major holidays, and vacations. Akiru harbors a deep resentment against his father for leaving his mother in such a pathetic state, and he holds no attachment to the woman he’s supposed to call his step mother, and yet...he can’t find it in him to strike up a great deal of bitterness for being dragged to Oldale town...not since he met Kagura there.


Akiru is...complicated, at least, that’s probably the easiest way to describe him in a quick nutshell. Since he was young, he has felt compelled to look after his mother, making him feel and act mature for his age, though, considering the amount of time he’s spent on a tiny island made of logs, he is also considerably more sheltered than a boy of eighteen would otherwise be. Akiru was at the top of his class in school, and was often proclaimed by his circle of friends to be the most skilled when it came to the many surfing, swimming, sword fighting competitions they set up to keep themselves entertained, both facts he is proud of. The thing is...there are twelve children in Pacifidlog town. He is aware that when put against larger odds, he likely won’t come out on top, which makes him reluctant to try. Similarly, while he gives off the facade of being a natural born leader, his confidence is somewhat lacking, and when left alone with his thoughts, his mind goes to a rather dark, depressive place rather quickly.

Akiru’s interests are somewhat limited, considering what little he’s been able to experience in his life. Aside from Pokemon, which are everywhere, and impossible not to be interested in, one way or another, he does have a vested interest in surfing, sailing, and exploring: Many times over the years, Akiru and his friends would hop on their surfboards and glide to the tiny islands (well, not real islands, far too small to be islands, more like...piles of sand risen above the ocean), collecting things that washed onto the sand, exploring for hidden treasures, sword fighting (with sticks) to see who would name the island...maybe that’s where his desire to take this journey came from...or maybe it’s the near insanity that being trapped on the same tiny piece of land nearly every day for nearly two decades will bring. There’s a huge, beautiful world out there, full of amazing sights, powerful, wondrous creatures, and more adventures than one could even imagine, and they’re waiting for him.

It’s time to get off this island.

"Battle Beyond" Starter:

Fenris the Rockruff ♂