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    Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
    Repel wore off while I was moving in the quick travel map selecting where to "Fly" too.

    The Sawdust doesn't seem to register having 99 Sawdust, it only counts 98.
    Hmm... good find, have to stop the repel counter from going down when you're in the item UIs

    Originally Posted by Azurus View Post
    I will have to start another game to list all the spelling errors, as I have reached the end of the demo. What kind of format would you like me to send them in?

    Awesome, kind of a shame I'll have to wait until next update to use it, oh well.

    Hidden power in the shop is listed as 100 power aoe Special, but when you use it and look at the move, it has 60 power aoe special.
    Pursuit is listed as 40 power when you read the description but when you use it the move is 70 power in the move list.

    Oh, I left a comment on the blog page about the power of Vaporeon, what are your views on that?

    Another thing, I think it might be a good idea to increase the speed of the opponents in boss type encounters as they do not get many actions at all and the actions they do take always inflict minimal damage. Perhaps stronger AoE or just higher speed/power would be good. Lionhart was disappointingly weak and I barely exploited their weakness.

    @Lockmaster24 The sawdust issue has already been addressed.
    I've removed the Icy Wind TM so it doesn't make vaporeon too easily. I usually find jolteon the most useful of the eeveelutions due to it's insane speed.

    Originally Posted by SkieTheKitsune View Post
    So, for a while I had the previous beta, as I had no idea that another version had even been created. After playing through this newer version, I was very pleased to see all the changes. Still plenty of typos, but that's barely a problem.

    I would like to point out one problem I ran into, though- after getting to Arbor Town and sitting through the plot dump with Oak and his professor pals, I passed through Route 4 and accessed the first map_link (which I don't remember being in the previous beta, that was pretty neat). After a certain point after that the music just stopped playing. Aside from alternate battle music when getting into a Surprise Attack, the music wouldn't play at all. F12-ing the game to bring it back to the title screen made the music play again, but when I loaded my save... nothing.

    Then, to make matters worse, I saved my game again a short time later, and was given a message saying "Insufficient memory to create stream.", if I recall correctly, and the window closed. After re-opening, my save file was gone, despite the actual file still in the folder.

    Probably should have used multiple save files, methinks. :P Why, oh, why didn't I listen to the Nurse Joy in the previous beta?
    Weird... It sounds like you hit some sort of RAM overload error. im guessing your safe file got corrupted which is why you can't load it. :/

    As for the boss battles, I didn't want the first hypervisor to be *too hard* but I might scale his difficulty a little bit more.

    Originally Posted by BCKC View Post
    I'm currently doing that, although I haven't been able to do too much due to school work (which I've been putting off for the past three months). Currently, the errors are all in a Google Docs file and I already have my own little system going on. Maybe PM DarkDoom to add you to the document? Definitely PM me about splitting the workload and how I've formatted the document (I'm a bit picky about things, but, considering that you are offering to pick out his errors, you probably are too :P)
    School starts in two days, though, so I should be able to work on this project again.

    EDIT: DarkDoom, if you're not going to update the main post anytime soon, do you mind if I make a more up to date one instead?
    You can totally make a new OP if you want, I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Originally Posted by Azurus View Post
    Ah, well it's great to have more than one person working on this, it certainly makes the goal seem easier to achieve.

    Anyway, I had planned on using a simple Text Document or being sent the games dialogue/item/move script to list/find them.

    I'll definitely PM him about it though.

    Originally Posted by Guardian Eevee X View Post
    Well, Im hapy that SPEE is back on track again, it's been a while, and it's still just as awesome as I remember it. Though one thing did bug me, the meeting with M right before Lionheart in the speech I saw one l out of place, it's probably been brought up already. But still, love the game still, can't wait till it's next update :D
    Thank you :) It's good to make actual substantial progress on SPEE again. feels awesome :D
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