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    Who do you think are the top 10 strongest characters?
    1. Kisuke and/or Aizen
    (only because Aizen is practically immortal)

    2. Baraggan
    (He could probably make Yamamoto's flames rot away >.>)

    3. Yamamoto
    (He's been Head-Captain of the 13 CGSs for 2000+ years)

    4. Unohana and/or Kyoraku and/or Ukitake
    (The three senior most captains after Yamamoto)

    5. Ulquiorra
    (I think he could beat most other Arrancar with his Segunda Etapa)

    6. Yoruichi
    (Really, she's right up there with the three seniors, I think)

    7. Isshin
    (Wish I knew more about his powers)

    8. Starrk and/or Ichigo
    (I'm only counting Soul Reaper and Vizard Powers; no FGT or Hichigo transformation)

    9. Halibel

    10. Byakuya and/or Kenpachi