Waiting for Gen 4 Remakes

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Posted July 17th, 2017
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"Take 2, Starting Now :)."

I'm doing this cause my original topic and my hack was boring me half to hell.
I'm going to respice it up, thanks with the help of cooley(reinspiring people like me to rehack : D)

One day, you play an NES(Soon to become something else, hopefully :P.), An Power Surge has appeared and you check downstairs with nothing but a smudged letter from your dad.
The letter contained a Treecko and a Pokedex. You set on a mission to find your father, while living your dream to get all 8 badges.

Play as Wally, in his respirator suit(green suit in near end of R/S/(of Adventures Manga.)
Treecko as a starter(Why? I hate Emerald of Emerald Saga, personally I loved Wally more.)
A Storyline causing him to fulfill his dream and saving his father.
Sidequests(Such as causing an event with Ruby and Sapphire in some towns.)
No Heroine(atm, so pick Wally when the alpha comes =). )

Cooley -He gave me inspirations to use the respirator suit idea ^^.
Kyledove -Tiles,Incomplete Wally Sheet
Me -Completing the Wally Sheet(Walking, Surfing :\)
Megiddo -Rombase
Blazichu -Whenever he puts this in the hack showcase, cause I know Christos will never do it xD.

None atm,
Alpha 1- Coming in 2 weeks.