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Do you really want to know? Really?
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Posted December 14th, 2014
Well, after the last Simple Questions thread hit 27,000 replies, we decided that it is probably about time to make a new one. So, very simply put, this is the place to ask all of your questions about rom hacking.

Da Rules:

  1. Search before asking. With almost 28,000 replies on the last Simple Quesitons thread and 2,000+ replies on the one before it, I'm sure you can find something. So, before you ask, try THIS thread and then try THIS one.:)
  2. Don't ask questions about a specific hack or how to play a hack. For questions pertaining to a hack itself, ask on that hack's thread. For how to play a hack, see HERE.
  3. Do not ask for or link to ROMs. You will need to acquire those yourself, hopefully from games you already own.
  4. Do NOT demand answers to your questions. The people here are not getting paid and are answering because they want to. If you are rude, your post will most likely be removed, and if it isn't, it is highly unlikely you will get a response.
  5. When answering, quote the post with the question. This is here to simply keep organization. It is much easier to read the thread when you have both the question and the answer.

If you feel your question was ignored, you may ask it again, but only after 25 posts or 2 days have gone by.

I wish you all the best of luck in your hacking experience.:D


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